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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Eclectidsm.— Qcero.— The Settians 217-222 THIRD PEEIOD OP GEEEK PHILOSOPHT. The Eclectic Platonists 234-238 TBIKD division: HEO-PLAIOHIBU. The method of fonnal criticism, which triea the special doctrines of a system by its own assumed principle, and this principle itsel T by its capacity of development and application, has heen employed by Schleiermacher (par- ticularly in his "Critique of Previotis Ethics") and his successors (espedally by Brandis; less by Bitter, who is more given to " material " critidsin). The history of ph Uosophy shows "t)\^uta Joii M pk Soeop Kiat ectmpla,'' Keo-Platom the Kantian itand-polnt. Oumpo Bch, who brings the national element especially into prominence, proceeds [U more carenilly. c.) Buddhism, which was an attempt at a moral reformation, hostile to castes, but the source of a new hierarchy. Qpeftvovf fiioao^t'eva f tori iraaav aipleani Vir)j(o(, Origenit i^fio Mfi Awncna, tive Omnium Baeretium Sefitta Ho, e eodiee Farumo mme primam ed. The otdy question can be whether and In what measure Oriental relijnous ideas occasioned in the apeculation of Grecian thbhera (especially on the subject of God and tlie human soul) * deviation from the national type of Hellenic culture and gave it its direction toward the invisible, the inexperimental, the transcendent (a movement which culminated In Pytba- goreanism and Platonism).

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. From the flrat, and before any attempts were made at a detuled anit general bietoricat delineation, philosophera eonght to acquiro an Insight into the causal connection and the Talue of the diffennt sja U ima, and for the eariiest ph Uosop Mea the foundation tbr such Insight was . Brucker's presentation, especially in his chief work, the ^stvria Or U, Pb Ooa., is clear and eaaily followed, though somewhat di Oli Ee, and often interspersed with anecdotes, after the maimer of Diogenes Laertius, and too rarely portraying the connec- tion of ideas. Brucker wrote in the infancy of historitsl criticdsm ; still he often gives ptoof of a sound and sober indght b his treatment of the historical controversies current in his times ; least, it is true, in what relates to the earlier periods, far more In his exposition of the later. Aat, Oundru* aaer Oea Mc JM der Fhibaophit, I^ndahut, 1801, 2d ed., 182G, He writes from Schelling'a stand-point. ier Bdigian uiuf i^tl Mopftf E, tnuialated f Wnn the Dutch original toto Freodi b^ A. Th* ■UBvd wrltl D^ ud po(^ of tfav Tkriou Oriental pfloploa, with thfltr Domint Bti HH (Y^KInf, Quid-King; Ibcmonl tiw Il Kiaf Conrsdiuudtilidlidple*; tha Ted H. Fadaitla Sar-avm Sadii Handa.tinutr U unddntuh,llaiilc\,lfea; Thood. To the (nni- Tersalistic) Uimansa ("Investigation") Zapila opposed the Saokhya ("Consideration," " Critique " — an indivldualistia doctrine, which denied the world-soul and taught the exiitenoe of individual loula only). The inflnenoe of Eteatidsm on the doctrines of the later natural philosophera has been espe* dally pcnnted out by Zdler (who, however, still separates Beraditus from the earlier loniana).The well-known history of Morell is restricted to the later European systems. Horell, London, Digitized bv Go O^^IC of Pkilo»opht/,iatvfo volume B (Berlm, 1866). Anli BClicnes of Athena and the Cjnic School S2-94 Diplizcdbv Co O^^IC g 39. Plkto'a Divi Biona of Phlloeopbf and Ilia Duilectio 116-1I3 g 42. Soracrate* wrote iiaioxat, which Dircp) ^'ujv, toyiiirut mi aito^6ryp&Tw» rum tr ipi Xoao^ tintau^i^iivruv pi^iia i(iai), Bi. which took place in the reign of tbe Ljdiaa king AI^att M (Henid., L li). Trant^ td L Ib» tbe Atj ot tlto Bnii RDr ABCHUaa'i diatb (Aug. tdder'* Batu/tnai dm- Oiromologi*, ^ IS, wid ZMrtoc A, p. It ia probable that Anasiioaiider expreased himself with as little diatinctnena respecting the nature of hia in-c^pov aa did Heaiod reapecting hia Chaos, and that tfaia accounts for the uncertainty in the statements of the different authorities. i^on ematical principle in their mtottrieal ipeenlalien-'-a. 3) requires us to eocsider Gmpedoclei as a contain- porarj of Anaxigtiras, but ^onn^r ihaii the latter philosopher, who was bom, probablf, about BOO a c According to Aristotle (ap. His fbmilj belonged to the democratic party, for which ? L^ VUL 77) ; the iarpm Ac i^yot (mentioned by Dic^., 3iid,) may hare been a part of the fvaixi, and of the tragedy, which was ascribed to him by some, others deny that he was the author piog. Th« phenomena usoally referred to those heads result respectively from the oammingli Dg and ■eparation of elemeuta (/u;v(ic).The able critical histories of modem philosc^ phy by Erdmann and Euno Fischer are limited in their range, yet too ex- tended for our object. Thk is the product of a master of philosophic systems, aad it is elaborate in method, and finished in style. Aristippus of Gjreiw and the Cyreaaic or Hedoolc Sdiool Sft^S § 39. The data o T this edip M, scconling to the Buppoiition of Baily [Fhileto^ Hmtttitu Mt, 1811) and Oltman Da {Ab K dtr Btrl Aktid. H) iq.) o T d Hlfnatliw •Ttrr Jttt before tbe bbth of Cfar Ut bf a Bnnbw . aa tbaant^aor tftbaara; tbliaac* we Ibllo* faero wltbont exception. It li etutoinaiy to extend baekward tbe Jnliu Calendar and not tba Otagorlan. Tet the reiluctia B of all bluorlcal dal M to Gregorla B dataa al Torda tba bj no meana uiiaue BCIa J advanlaca of making tba eqalnoiaa and Hli Ueea la tbe earllaat blatorlcal tl Bii l Ul ta tbe Hme montba and on tba lame dafi aa now. A aeccnd queatlon in diapnte is whether or not the itreipov of Anaiimander ia a sub- stance Interma^te between air and water, as the ancient commentators of Aristotle anp- poaed it to be. speculation whidi overstef^ied the limits of exact msthemallcsl sdenee. Mul d U aa*» Atgyptir, In Kouk'l ^u*rl L far uptoulat. :mpedocles, like his father Ueton, labored success Ailly. Empodoctoi oi Ua lluw elencott reo U (rtacapa ruv irtb TUf la^uiui Ta). In their original cooditicni the elenxmti are de Rcribed bj Empedodea ■■ beit)§: all mingled together and fonning ous all-iscluding sphere (o^aipor ; Ariitotle, followiiig the wnae of Bmpedodea, lenm the ofifii K the ciiiaitiavhmmc ^, Jbt, IIL 4, p. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. To the oil-treated question, whether the history of ph Ooaophy ia to be understood IVom the stand-point of our own philosophical consciousneas, or whether, on the contrary, the latter is to be fonnod, enlai^;ed, and corrected through historical study, the answer is, that the case in question, of the relation of the mind io the historical object of its atten- tion, ia a cose of natural action and reaction, and that coi Mequently each form of that relation indicated in the question has its natund time and plaoe { the one must follow th« other, each in its time. [Enghah tranalation ("Manual of the Hist OT7 of Philoaoph7," etc.), 17 A. Lehrbiich der Oex Aicitts der Ph Oaapplae, Jena, 1896; Sded.,l B39; 3d ed., 1S49. Tet Hegel, as mattor of bet, Digitized bv Go O^^IC B0(TB0E8, AUTEOBm BS, AHD AIDS. Digitized bv Go O^^IC 13 SOUBOBS, AOTHOBITIKS, ASD AIDS. Bchmid (of Schmnenbarg), Ormdria der Owc Aic Ua der Ph Uoteplu B »m Thaltt Ut SAapml Ma*r, vem iptaiiitn-Tnimo Oieuliiehat Staa^yaii Jtte, Erlangen, 1S6T. But this end was to be reached, not so mudi through positive moral and intellectual discipline, as through another process, termed "entrance into Nirvana," whereby the sonl was saved from the tormenta of tranam^ra- tlon and the iw Uvldual was brought into nnconad ODStini^ with the AIL The Persian rali- Digilizedbv Go O^^IC OKIESTAL PHILOBOPIIT. Diogenea La Srtiua dedi- cated his work, according to III. His general attitude )8 that of an Eclectic, while in the different parta of his n-ork he is in Suenced bf ttie eharacter of the sources from which he draws. Uodsm criticism began early to set aside sach estimates as exaggerated, aud critics have mauilbsted an increasing tendency to aaarch fbr the explanation of the various philoso- phemea of the Qree Vs in the progpesdve, inner development of the Greek mind ; but, in their care not to exaggerate thereaulta of external influences, they have verged perhaps too near to the opposite extreme. The reason, aocordhig to Ariato Ue, why ph Qoaophj begina with Thal M, is that in hla attempt to explain the world, a acintf Vb teedeney is first manifested, in opposition to the my thieal form, which prevailed in the worlca of the andent poeta, and, to a great extent, in thoae of Phereoydea alao. o.), £nt, among the Greeks, compoeed a work " on IN'atnre." He teachea : " All things most in equity again decline into that whence the; have their origin ; for they mnst give eatisfaction and atonement for injus- tice, each in the order of time." Anaximander first expressly gave to the Bwnmed original material Bubetance of things the name of prin- eipte (if X'i)- As such principle he poeite a matter, nndetermined in qaality (and infinite in quantity), the dntipov.We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. The Epicurean Division of Philosophy and the Canonic of tlie Epiciirean B . The stag« of philosophical culture, which the individual, beftire hia acqudntance (or at least before hia more exact fam Hiaritr) with the history of philost^y, has ah«ady reached, should facilitate his understanding of that history, while it is at the tame time elevated and refined hy bis historical studies. Brudier, Kutm Au^en (Ws dtr j Aito Mophia Am Bitlerie, 1 vols., Ulm, 1131-3C, with additiona, ibid. ^etoria Orttka FKUoaophiat a tnum H incmabu Ui ad norimnt nu^ aelottm dtducta, G vols., Leips. Gae Mchte der Ph Oosopkit noc A dm Haaptmomenttn Hu-a- ^ttarickehmg, 6th ed., 3 vols., Jena, 1B6S. Sec below, ad g T.— TV.] The work reaches to and excludes Kant ; the Udieniid U aber dit Gnehiehte der neuesien deaia Ovni Pk Hoe Dpkie tai Kant (Brunswick, 1BS3), supplements and completes it Eitter adopts substantially the ' stand-point of Schlelenii Bchar. 11 ho B not in detail alirayi muntauied Ihe idea of development in its purity, but hat Mme- times unhiatorically represented the doctrines of philoeopbera, whom ho esteom^ u ■pfuxixinuti D^ to his own (interpreted, t. Brdmann, ffrundriu der Oeaei Mltt der JMinsop JUe, 1 vols., Beriin, 1866 ; 2d ed. 17 poo, founded or re Fo Tmed by Zarathu Btr* (Zoroaatcr), was opposed to the old Binduieligioo, whose gods it regarded aa ev U demous. Diogenes brings the liistorj of Platoninn down to Clitomachus, thst of Ari Etotelianinn to Lyco, that of Stoidsm, in our text, to Chrjsippus, tliough originally (ilb shown by Valentine Rose in the Serme*, to L I., Bertin, 1B6S, p. The labors of Both and Gladisch mark a reaction against thia extreme, both of them again laying atress on the in Buence of the Orient. Still, many problems fewalned too oomprehensi Te for the immediate att^nment of a strictly sdentific solution. 1S38 — waa ridiculed by Cratlnus in the irov^fmu) Aristotle speaki aeldom and not with pruse. From it the elementary contraries, vann and cold, moist and dry, are first separated, in sach manner that homogeneous elements are brought together.Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Ob Uh HHKwptla B at pb Oawrpbr et Om raa HW* irtiel* In tb« b U^Ati/l J^ n Uctep Utwulf Utef p Unb KHOk, ed. The standard hy which to e Btimate the relative vorth or importance of phenomena may be fomid either immediately in the mental state and opinions of the individaal stodent, or in the pecnliar uatnre and tendency of the phe Domena them Belvea, or, finally, by reference to the joint development in which both the historical object and the judging subject, each at its peculiar stage, are involved ; hence may be distingaished the material, the formal, and the specula- tive estimate of systems. The Hulory i^ FK&uophy from Thabt fa Ouprmeat day, by George Hetur Lewes, 3d edition (Vo L J. Digitized bv Go O^^IC 80USCE8, Anrn OBITIES, AND AIDS, IS 1S31: 3d Bd. I860), treats minutelf of the history of theories in classical ontiqultj; much historical material ia else cmtained in the works of Wamk5mg, B6der, Rfissler, Trendelenburg, and others, od the phno«o|4t7 of law. ;., the Platonic state an Cidpatcs boidb of the essential characteristic B of the form of the Christian church, and the doctrino of natural right, In its developmeut since Gro Uus, foreahadows tho constitn- liouali Bui of the modem state). Philosophy as science conld originate neither among the peoples of the North, who were eminent for strength and courage, but devoid of culture, nor among tlie Orientals, who, thongh suscep- tible of the elements of higher culture, were content simply to retain them in a spirit of passive resignation, — but only among ths Hellenes, who harmoniously combined the diaracteristics of both. The rich but immoderate fancy of the Hindus generated, on the l group themsei Tes about three supreme divinities of nature, Indra, Varum, and Agti L Later (perhaps about 1300 b. Of this work, the Qrat book, wtiich seems to be founded in large measure on the abridgment made in the Alexandrian period, of the wtpl futuuv of Theophraatus, is identical with the fiiooo- ^/itva, which is an of the worit that was known until recently. Emapii Sardiaid 7ita« IHulotqp/ionaa et Sefhittantl A, £d. Thus Fythagonu was said to be the first to call tbe world Coamos, end,ki oonformitywith tbepeonliaiity Drthe Doric ofaankcter, in ocnfl Hni^ sven with the aidrit of Digitized bv Go O^^IC TQB l ONIO ITATUBi O. 31 the g OTsnunent under which tliej lived, tlie pli Ilo BOph/ of the Dorians BBSumeil, ei Umall]', tbs foim of a cocf Ueratioa or ordor.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. General Character or the Philosophf of the Christian Era 261 § 72. A perfect historical exposition depends on the nnion of all the methodical elements now mentioned. nistoin Omirale de la PKOotoplue dsputs la tempi la pin na J^ jvtqu'd la fa da XVUI. Ancient Philosophj; To L IL Uodem Fhilo BOiiby), London, 1888. The Bomans, devoted to practical and particnlarly to political prob- lems, scarcely occupied tbemselves wi Ui philosophy except in the Digitized bv Go Ot^l C OBIEirt AL PHILOSOPBT. c.) supreme veaentlon was paid to the three divine beings, which constituted tho Hindu Trimurti, viz.: to Brahms, aa the original source, of tha world (which is a reflected picture in the mind of Brahma, produced by the decraving M^ja), to Tischnu, as praser Tor and governor, and to Sva, as destroyer and producer. Books IT.-X., with the eioeption of the be^nning of Book IV., were found in a cloister on Mount Athos in 1B4S. Philo Kph3r, sayg Booclch, rram iu Ben Huoui begin* d Ii^ among the lonians, paaeed through the Intermediate itage of Py thngoreaui Bm [mathe- dm Ucb I iatuitbn) to the non-sensooua doctrins o T Plato, who had in the Eleatica able but too one-sided predeceuors, and who, hj the Socratio method of cri^ci Bm, limiting and oomcting not 011I7 the Elestio philosophy, but a Uo the other pbiloaophiea, tlie one by the other, evolred from them the most perfbct lyatem which the Hellenio mind vas capnbla of producing;.Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. The undersigned pi-opoae to publish a select and compact Library of Text and Reference Booke upon all the main departments of Theology and Phi-' lo Mtphy, adapt«I(lr)i ftm Itw Jouilti Ccnu R Ctitia R.j GEO. The various systems are given, as far as possible, in the phraseology of their authors, and this imparts variety to the style. The undersigned selected it as the beet work with which to begin the philo- sophical division of their proposed Library, sftar a Ai U comparison of it with other works of its class, and upon consultation with those best qualified to judge about its merits. Ob the Iltontim ct lit Iilitar; at i AI1o*Dph T, eonpi H nptelillj Job. a) arranged most of the Platonic Dialogues in Trilogies, placing the o Uiers after them ns separate works (a part of his supplement to the n-iwur; ct Callima c hus ; see Nauck's Sammlang dcr fr Offtnmle da Aristopfiana turn .fl^soni). Dt Titu, eti\, ex Ba Udi nadidbut nunc primum exaurii rtemra U C. Tbe fundamental doctrine of Iiia philosophy of nature is tbns expressed : Water is the original source of ail things. 33), that, provided the mixture asserted by Anu- agoras be conceived as one aubstance, undeterminod in Idod and quantity, It fonoa an ireipov like that of Anazlmander (« dl ric r^ jd^tv riiv airdvrwv vm Aijioi /dav dvat fbaa i Spurrov xal no:' i Wof col cord ^j-rfoj, — ^wriu ri 'ou/iaraid eroixeia Tiapaw Tjiaiot miiir 'Avaftftivipv), ia deddodly &vorable to the second Tiew.About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. It is more oondse than Ritter*s General Sutory, and more full and authentic than 8ohwegler*s Ou Uine, which was first pr^ pared for an Encyolopndia. Janiltu, St Sc Hptar Vmi Btt- ttrlat Philotait Bk Ll Ilt); iteoe MIt ictionnair« Mt Utrigue et Critique, let ed., Botterd. [English trana U- Ho D by Birch and Lockmao, London, IT31-3S, Sd ed., l T3S-3a — Ih] This vary compre- henaive woric deserres to be mentioiied here on acoonnt of tiie Brticles it contains on the history of philosophy, Bayle contributed easentially to the awakening of the spirit of i DTeatigation in this depariment of stady. Be- sides Eratosthenes, the following pereons wrote either expressly or inddenta Dy of the Uvea and auccessioh of the philosophers and of their works and doctrines : Nesnthes of Cyxicas (about 240 B. ill Pergamus, and wrote /avauti and- mpl M6fur avipav), Antigoons Carys Ou B (about J! c), the Callimadiean (and Peripatetic), who, like Aristophanes of Byzantium in other departments, fttmisbed in his biographioo-literary opuscules, which werv only too abundant in fables (irtpl tup ao^, ircp Z fi&yuv, wif H 'nv9af6pov, wcfl 'Aptararfiot^, mpl Oto^f/darov, pim\ a supplement to the irivow; of Callimachus (from wkii^ Favoiinua and, indirectly, Dli^nes Laertius drew largely), Sotion the Peripatetic (about 190 *.ti^ mft 6u MAoxia Tim ^i3jnd oo Dtemporarj of Polybius, waa probebly tbe author of the ^iiaoi^uv ita Soxai, to which Dic^nes Laertius otten alludes. The com- meatat7 of Henagius on Diogenes Lafrtius appeared first in 16t S. Oabr, Cobet Aectdunt Ofympiedori, Amnwaii, Jamblichi, Forphj/rii et aliorum Viiat i%itmf, Aritto Mt, Ff/tka^iirae, Ptotini tt Indori, Ant Walermiaaia, et Marini vita Proe H, J. Tbe later philosopher, Hippo of Samos, or of Bheginm, a physiciat of tbe time of Pericles, also saw in water, or the moist, the principle of all things. Aod this view alona accords with the logical consequence of the system.Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. The opinions of the varioos schools and their contrasted principles, as well as the -views of individual philosophers, are presented with clearaees and preci Bion. It is not writ- ten, like some histories of philosophy, to propound or fortify the special theories of the author. Next to the sources whence the '* reporter " drew, and the tendency of his work, his own philosophical culture and his capacity to appreciate the doctrines he reports, famish the most essential criteria of his credibility. Aristophauea of Byzan- tium (bom about 364, died about 1 87 B. This development-eeries includes, on tbe one band, Thales, Anaxi- mander, and Anaximenee, who sought mainly tbe material principle of things, and, on the other, Heraclircs, wlio laid the principal streea on the process of development or of origin and decay. Beydrl, Dtr Forlt Oimt der Mtm Ayt Ct tm Ur if m SUtttm Jon Un Htn PMlctopk U, Itli^ IBO. Thales of Miletus, of Phenician descent and bom in or about Olympiad So (640 b. Anaximander is said to have described the soul aa a Sriform. Ct, Bcril B, 18U,udlil Vs L ILof tha Sd th* Oinfilcl* Wtrinf S^'Bu Ala. O-ti, aaa Bl*(n, (A^«r dot bmftr Aiut Blmmtd Mn (0. La£rt., IL i), tlutt in the Becond year of the GBtb Oljmp. c.) Atuudmuider wm ti jean old ; aocording to tbii, be mult ha T« beo D bom in OL 4S.3 (611-610 B. He occupied l Umself with Mttooaatj ao A gv^rapby, nude ft g«ag T»phbi*l map (iccording to Ent OBthenei, , or an indefinite, unqualified Brat aubetance, only to later, Foet-Anaxagorean phil Mophera (with apecia J referenoe to the Platonists).Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. It shows a full mastery of the whole course of philcv sophic thought, with independent investigations and criticisms. The value of the Tarioos histories of philraophy as aids to the attainment of a knowl- edge and nnderstanding of that history, is meaeured partly by the de- gree of exactness shown by each historian in the communicatio D of the original material and his acuteneas in their appreciation, and partly by the degree of intelligence with which he sif^ the essential from the non-essential in each ph Uosopher's teachings, and exhibits the inner connection of single sjetems and the order of development of the different philosophical stand-poi Dte. Heumann, Halle, 111S If, contain Bereral valuable papera of investigation on questioos in the histoiy of philosophy. c, puinl of Zeuodotus aod Caltimachus, successor, as librarian, of Apolloaina, the successor of Eratosthenes, snd teacher of Aristarchus, who lived about 31^140 B. In Ju Bti Scstlon of tbe inclusion of Heraditus in this series, cf. c), is distinguished by Aristotle as the originator of tbe Ionic Natural Philosophy {and hence indirectly a Jao of Greek pbiloeopby in general). But the atatement of Tfaeopliraatua, reported by Smplidus (Aria L Phya., fol.He was a genuine German scholar, and ranked wi Ui the first in his profession. ■ Compare the fine tribute to hia memor; bj hia friend, Profeswr Fr. Lange, of Zuiioh: Friedric A Uebemeg, Berlin, 1871, Digitized bv Go O^^IC CONTENTS OF THE FIEST VOLUME. Zeno, discipla uid friend of Panneokles, implied (b^Stnbo, VI. Zeno arguea, Airther {acoordlng to Ariat., P\y»,, IV. Simplic, A Phv, fo L 130 H against the reality of apace.

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