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Nothing is off limits - especially when it comes to convo surrounding dating.This week I'm in Boston visiting my bestie Samantha for some early birthday celebrations.

Gigi of @Fashionismyfortee is back on the pod this week!

The three girls discuss life as single ladies, when it’s time to post about the guy you’re dating on social media, egg freezing, edibles and more.

You’ll hear behind-the-scenes juice about the next season of VPR and deets on Scheana’s next big project. Terra Newell bravely killed her mother’s husband, John Meehan, a longtime stalker and con-artist after he attacked her with a knife in a parking lot.

The girls chat through the struggles they face as business owners and influencers, discuss their clothing brands and dish on dating. Did you tune into Summer House and wonder, "who is this Jordan Verroi guy?

" Well, Alyssa considers him and friend and wanted you all to get to know the Jordan she knows - a kind guy that tells corny jokes and sometimes puts his foot in his mouth.

Since, her family has been catapulted into the spotlight with multiple documentaries, a wildly popular podcast titled ‘Dirty John,” and a Bravo series by the same name detailing their story.

I sat down with Terra to learn more about her experiences, including how she was able to kill John out of self defense and the trauma she still carries to this day. Billie Lee, trans activist and ' Vanderpump' Rules star, joins Alyssa this week to discuss her journey to self discovery, her time on the Bravo hit show and more.They discuss how their background in PR helped prepare them for their current careers, as well as dish on some behind-the-scenes horror stories.The ladies also share helpful tips for influencers who are still navigating the space. Tune in to see what's been going on, plus she teases two MAJOR things that were on the down low (until now....).Courtney of @Courtand Kelly sits down with Alyssa to discuss the stress and struggles that come with leaving corporate to pursue social media full time.The two get real about their business concerns, stressors and dish on their favorite Bravo’s shows.Hint: sneaking into elite parties, rubbing elbows with A-list celebs and so much more.

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