Adult avatars and chatbots

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Adult avatars and chatbots - bulk updating gem source index

Asked about the biggest challenge, Labellarte responds: “It is natural language processing, the ability of a system to take a phrase and understand it.Chatbots, you tell them what your question is, you get possible answers and then you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and the chatbot has to work out whether you have said yes or no, red, blue, or green.

“With that premise, we started the ball rolling,” he adds.

“This time last year, when they announced the signing of the contract, it went viral.

We had live chat with real agents on the website and several people complained that they didn’t like the fact that they were talking to a robot, when they were actually talking to real people.

Over the past year, Enfield Council’s lead technology adviser has travelled from researching the potential of chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) in local government, to preparing to launch a chatbot, or “cognitive agent”, to interact with citizens.

After four years heading up IT at the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Labellarte joined Enfield in 2016 – just one week it had agreed a research and development partnership with US AI company, IPsoft, to build this new cognitive agent.

Enfield Council’s lead technology adviser Rocco Labellarte says the authority’s chatbot is attracting international attention and is about to transform services and release resources.

Gill Hitchcock reports Rocco Labellarte has been on a journey of discovery.“With our cognitive agent, people can input text, and where it is enabled they can speak into it, and there are buttons they can use as well.” Labellarte says it’s still early days, but as this technology matures it will create a revolution across all sectors.And that revolution, he thinks, is only about six to 12 months away.At the other end of the spectrum, councils have low-volume, high-complexity services.Adult social care, looking after children, and vulnerable adults are among them.Why did Enfield start with its planning department?