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As Aelita keeps seeing her visions, she goes to Sector Five during one mission, only to find out that X. She finally reluctantly agreed to it when seeing Laura had altered the return in time program to exclude her from having her memories erased whenever it was activated, much to her anger and frustration. tries his best to get Aelita's memory: possessing Nicholas Poliakoff and making him deactivate the scanners while the group is on Lyoko, materializing Krabs onto Earth, turning people into zombies, causing the team to break up by using a polymorphic clone, and even kidnapping Yumi and Odd. She was firmly against the idea of Laura becoming a seventh Lyoko Warrior, insisting Laura was nothing but trouble and that they just couldn't trust her, even when it seemed logical to have her brought into the group as she was clearly more intelligent in computer codes and systems than her and Jeremie.

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After asking Aelita to promise that she'll never forget him, Franz turns off the supercomputer to prevent X. Aelita awakes almost immediately afterwards, but didn't remember anything about her past. Aelita thinks that keeping the supercomputer on is too dangerous and that they should shut it down immediately, but the others agreed to keep fighting X. As Jeremie Belpois is looking for parts for his robots in an abandoned factory, he eventually finds the supercomputer and restarts it. As Aelita saw the interface, she found out that her name wasn't Maya, but Aelita. However, Jeremie's theory was wrong as Aelita couldn't come to Earth. from attacking Earth, leaving Aelita inside it for 10 years. Aelita stays in the way towers of Lyoko's sectors, being safe in there from X. She helps Jeremie with his materialization process and feels X. The novel also had Mars facing a global catastrophe due to melting of the martian polar ice caps. takes control over the return in time function, Aelita is left to Lyoko by the program and the Scyphozoa attempts to steal Aelita's memory again, but is again stopped just in time. As she gets a necklace as a Valentine present from a mysterious person (thinking it is Jeremie), she is possessed by X. In Missing Link, the Scyphozoa steals Yumi's DNA code, forcing her to stay in Lyoko. Together, they all visit Sector Five and get Yumi's DNA codes back. Aelita's primary attack is Energy Fields, which can be made more powerful by holding the B button to charge them up. By default, this only works on small monsters, such as variants of the Kankrelats. This is not available at the start, and must be unlocked.

takes control of Jeremie, destroying the diary, while kidnapping Aelita and sending her to Lyoko for the Scyphozoa and is again rescued by the others. In Final Mix, Aelita finds out that she is a good mixer, and she likes mixing so much that makes it her hobby. Aelita stops the process, thanks to Ulrich and Odd. However, because of Aelita's virus, it also attacks her and becomes as almost self-aware as X. In the game, Aelita has three powers: Petrification, Creativity (occasionally referred to as "materialization" ), and Flight. This can be used to reach higher floors by jumping on the petrified enemy. Odd manages to destroy the monstrous program in the end and X. Soon, news of Peter Duncan, a notorious criminal, has escaped the police and Aelita is having serious headaches and passes out during the class and is sent to the hospital. A., kidnaps Jeremie and makes him change the core of the supercomputer, resulting in Aelita being alive and well again. For instance, in Chaos at Kadic, when Laura showed the Supercomputer to her father, as it was the only way to convince him to let her remain at Kadic, Aelita immediately demanded she be removed from the group, insisting she went too far, but William said they couldn't just kick her out because she did something under pressure from her father. You can use Petrification to freeze enemies in solid blocks of ice for a limited amount of time. A.'s monsters shows their gratitude to Aelita, even though they are still enemies. She and Laura continue to have a rather rough relationship with Aelita doing anything she can to have Laura removed from the group. attacked and Yumi, who had helped Aelita in Lyoko, fell into the Digital Sea, causing Jeremie to use the materialization program to bring her back. She can fly in certain cases, but it requires energy. Aelita doesn't have most of her usual powers in this game, due to hardware limitations. sending his monsters to attack Kadic, Aelita deactivates the tower and decides to stay in Lyoko in case X. Jeremie and Aelita decide to work on an anti-virus that would free her from X. You can use this ability to reach platforms to far away to jump.