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The only reason that I can think of for Barrington's lack of recognition is the fact that he was more of a defensive batsman, rather than an attacking Compton style player (but the same argument could be put with respect to Sutcliffe, Hutton and Hobbs I guess).

I was so sad when he got a concussion from Owen Hart (which was fucking fake pala).Nun pa lang alam ko nang WCW was sooner or later going to lose this battle. He's the only wrestler na nakasurvive ng more than a decade sa WWE, straight record. I grew up in a family where morals was a major issue.Pero syempre I tried to watch some episodes of Monday Nitro and found great talent in the likes of Chris Jericho, Eddie Guererro, Rey Misterio and Booker T, and how I wished they would jump to WWF and have dream matches with those whom I thought would make good opponents for them. With point #2 in mind, syempre justice needed to be served. Socko down Vince's throat (you know it ain't Mick Foley; he'd most probably appear as he is, not by any other personas of his). The problem was, we were a bit dysfunctional and I didn't want to fall so I developed my "attitude", and up to now, trying to become a better person.Sabagay, tingin ko lahat na halos ng fans e nagsawa na kapapanood sa ibang lumipat sa WCW.At the time of the ratings war, WWF was busy promoting their new superstars like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Mick Foley (aka Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love) and Dwayne Johnson (that's The Rock for you) while fortifying the mainstream status of wrestlers like Michaels, Triple H, and The Undertaker.Nung nag-high school ako, I remember one fateful night when I was switching between channels right after Monday Night Raw sa cable, I happened to turn to a channel featuring Hulk Hogan together with the other former WWF superstars and other new faces having a slobberknocker on what appeared as a ring smaller than that of WWF (or is it just me). Being an avid fan of wrestling in general, hindi ko pa rin maisip kung bakit walang dating sa akin ang WCW.

Maybe it's because of the way they present their wrestlers. Maybe it was because they looked more scripted than WWF.Still, I had the admiration for all the sportsmanship and ingenuity these guys exhibit show after show.Hindi nasira yung pagtingin ko sa mga wrestlers and the sports entertainment industry, in fact, lalo pang lumaki ang respeto ko sa kanila. I wanted to be like them when I grow up, I said to myself.I could go on all day pero syempre dun lang muna tayo sa mga naaalala ko talaga. Minsan sa mga larong namin dati someone would impersonate Ultimate Warrior then I'll do an Undertaker impression then we duke it out to see who's the real invincible guy.When it came to merchandise, andami ko dating laruan.2001 saw the start of the realization of this dream, as WWF finally devoured WCW not only in the ratings war, but also by being acquired by the former, absorbing what was left of the latter. And if that wasn't enough, The Phenom came out to chokeslam the chairman into oblivion. I have become both the heel and face of the show that is my life.