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It was founded by sisters Meg and Dia Frampton before becoming a five-piece act (renamed Cowards Courage and released the CD Straight Out of a Story Book) with additional members Eddie Friends, Ryan Hardy, Jon Cash and Alex Kruse.

After I experienced my first heartbreak and I thought the world was going to end, the natural way to console my tattered heart was to write a song.They recruited drummer Nicholas Price, and later guitarist Kenji Chan in 2005.Nick was Meg's car mechanic after she was involved in a minor car accident (which also is the result of the name for the EP What Is It? After Nick joined, Meg and Dia found bassist Ryan Groskreuetz.She became really focused on her voice and began singing little country ditties at local county fairs and retirement centers.I started out playing whatever was on the radio or whatever happened to be in my buddies' CD player.Being selected as the official My Space band came about in a peculiar way; technical staff were supposed to shut down Meg & Dia's official My Space due to a virus script posted by an unscrupulous character.

However, the technical difficulties resulted in the band gaining the attention of Tom Anderson, co-founder of My Space, who then entered them into a contest to become the official My Space band at Warped Tour; Meg & Dia won.They toured extensively in support of it, sharing stages with such national acts as Limbeck, The Format, Melee, An Angle, Koufax, and Steel Train.After a few acoustic shows playing the songs from their debut album, they decided they needed a bigger sound.Dia began singing at local county fairs and retirement centers while Meg taught herself to play songs that were on the radio.Their father was a DJ in South Korea, and the sisters often listened to his extensive record collection.Something Real is made up both new works and revamped versions of acoustic songs from Our Home is Gone.