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For some fans, it revolves about shipping the two actors together while for others the term represents the deep rooted, 25 year friendship of the two The X-Files actors.During the original run of the X-Files original series in the 1990s discussions in X-Files Usenet groups about rumors about an relationship between the two actors could be found.

In a new interview with TVLine, actor David Duchovny shot down dating rumors between him and his long-time co-star.“The whole thing about Gillian and I dating is so weird. “It’s not going to happen; we’re friends.”The dating rumors flared up after Anderson crashed an encore during Duchovny’s tour for his new album, “Hell or Highwater.” He dismissed the rumors as overspeculation about his friendly greeting. She added that the pair got too close over the years and that they shared a genuine spark.until the discussion was fandom policed by a member of the board in 2012[2] Some Real Person Fan Fiction was written and publicized on Live Journal and on HTML based websites hosted on Geocities and Angelfire.In 2015, during the promotion of the show's 25th anniversary another huge increase of the Duchovny and Anderson shippers could be noticed on social media platforms like tumblr, twitter and Youtube.Closeted shippers sometimes used the euphemism to "got to hell in a hand basket" to avoid fandom policing.In September 2010 the X-Files Universe message board was set up and became one of the most popular X-Files messages boards around whose most active thread with over 30462 hits as of 2017 was GA & DD: Did something happen between them in the past?However, in response to continued perceived ugliness by "snoggers", many Anderson-centric (and thus often Anti-Duchovny, see Duchovny Fans vs.

Anderson Fans), blogs started reposting post of the HMS Gilligan blog, with tags suggesting the stupid humour was a welcome relief for the pro-Gorgan side from the increasingly output of some Gillovny content.

The backlash was immediate, with some going so far as to attack Morgan on the grounds of his looks/personality and others claiming they had lost respect for Anderson and her work, especially on twitter and tumblr.

Posters who stated their opinions and/or disappointment about Anderson's unusual behaviour in such matter a short time after were labelled misogynist.

It's notable that post from the HMS blog (Which was formerly known as ishipgilligan) was usually first reposted by the same three tumblr blogs who were also most outspoken in "calling out" Gillovny tumblr blogs and twitter users.

Many in the Gillovny fandom assume that these three blogs are behind the HMS Gilligan blog.

Posts about this topic can be found in entries reaching as far as back as 1996 on the archived x-files usenet group entries in Google Groups[1].

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