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Bela Gandhi from the Smart Dating Academy joined ABC7 News at 11AM to explain why she thinks fall is a good time for dating.

And buying into the negative stereotypes about dating as a single parent can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.Realize that it will be different to date than it was when you didn't have kids.Realize that you are entitled to have a life -- and it doesn't matter what the people around you think.And having an amazing night with a romantic partner can be more fun when you're not waking up in an empty apartment."It's an incredible thing to go out with a guy at night and then he goes home and you wake up with your beautiful little three year old who has no clue where you just were," Shearer says.When people talk about dating as a single mother, they generally speak in can'ts, won'ts, and don'ts.

You can't tell someone you have kids on the first date.Lust can be mistaken for love -- and you can get swept away in a relationship that is not right for you. Dating can be a big investment for single parents - so using online dating save time & money!Take it slow and steady -- and if your new guy isn't willing to take it at your pace, he is not the one for you. You can use Match after the kids sleep, and vet people before you decide to go out with them."So I tell [the moms I coach] that even if it doesn't work out, you know you were loved and it can happen again."Sometimes, she says, single moms can get stuck on fear, whether it's the fear that no one will want to date them or the fear that they'll always be alone.But, they need to quiet the voice in their head that says that the people they date are only after casual sex or will run as soon as they meet the kids.It ended for the same reason many relationships end: because they didn't mesh.

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    Finally, there is Shuffle, where you browse through random profiles one at a time, liking or disliking each one, waiting for Dating Direct to notify you when there’s a mutual match.

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    The only difference is “you having to start the conversation” (in opposite-sex matches, Bumble requires the woman to message first).

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