Automatic updating cross references in word

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Automatic updating cross references in word

If you have captioned your figures, table and equations using Microsoft Word’s captioning feature (see Inserting Captions on page 4 for details), you can have Word generate your lists for you automatically.

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If you want an automatic table of contents you need to label all of your chapter titles and front matter headings (e.g.This largely explains why I almost always use Word for the final stages of academic writing.Fortunately, MS Word 2011 for Mac has a decent user interface (reminding of the no-nonsense although certainly not pretty Word for Windows of the early 2000s which I was very used to) and is pretty fast and stable.“Dedication” and “Acknowledgements”) in the style Heading 1.All major headings within your chapters should be labeled Heading 2."X" is a number that is auto-generated by Microsoft Word, which is "X 1" of the previous figure.

The problem that I am facing right now is that when a figure is removed, Microsoft Word doesn't automatically reupdate "X".However, transferring texts from Scrivener and then adding automatic captions and cross-references is certainly tedious so I am always open to an alternative solution for caption management.There are no promises that this chapter is of the same quality and depth as the other chapters of this guide.Captions are titles of Tables, Figures, Equations, Boxes and other pieces of content which are separate from the main text.Academic standards require that captions are sequentially numbered, referred to in the main text, and sometimes listed in the beginning of the publication. I have a special keyboard shortcut for this command because I use it so often.As a bonus, each caption is assigned the same Caption style, which can be adjusted to make the document look professional, for example to set your captions a certain distance from the preceding text or make sure that they are always on the same page with the following paragraph (which is essential not to have a page break between, say, a table and its caption). Cross-reference command (I also have a keyboard shortcut, in fact one of my most frequently used).

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