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Mike Chang: Senior Footballer Tina Cohen-Chang: Junior Nickname (If there he/she has one): Sammy, Trouty (Santana, amongst other names) Evans.

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Sam is constantly doing his impressions and trying hard to keep everyone smiling.(Vanessa Lengies) Eyes: Hazel Hair: Sandy Brown with blonde highlights Height: 5'3 Build: Sugar is fit, reasonably slim, but well-shaped. She is coming to terms with the fact that she can't sing, and has even admitted it while forfeiting herself and Rory from the duets contest.Nickname: Puckerman (occasionally) Gender: Male Age: 16 (Sophomore) Date of Birth: 17th October Nationality: American Personality: Laid back, although hot headed at times, a good listener, trustworthy Likes: dancing, honesty, sports in general Dislikes: liars, laziness and attention seekers Family: Parents: Tanisha Puckerman Siblings: Noah Puckerman (half-brother) Appearance: (Jacob Artist) Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark brown Build: Strong, tall with good abs.A Glee, Glee Project, Victorious and Pitch Perfect crossover forum, role play as any of these characters and have fun : D (Character Bio's inside : D) Old members part of the current club, so as well as the Newbies we have the Graduates all attending school together : D Now Introducing The Next Step : D Nickname (If there he/she has one): Rach (Finn, some of her close friends), Berry (Santana, Quinn sometimes, cheerleaders), Hobbit (People who make fun of her sometimes), Rachel (Everyone else) / Gender: Female./ Age: 18 / Date of Birth: 29th August / Nationality: American / Personality: Rachel is very determined to be a star.Relationships: Best friends with Puck, Quinn, Kitty and Brittany. Cheerio Full Name: Noah Oscar Puckerman, Nickname (If there he/she has one): Puck (Everyone) Puckerman (Santana and other people) Gender: Male Age: 17 (Senior) Date of Birth: 17th August Nationality: American Personality: Puck usually comes off as a bully, being cocky and arrogant at most times, he has a very short temper and gets really jealous easily.

Close friends with Sam, Finn and sort of Sebastian- of whom she also is starting to like a lot more than she'd like to admit. Puck is a complete man s*** and has dated, kissed or slept with just about every girl at Mc Kinley.Appearance: (Naya Rivera.) Date of birth: January 16th. Puck does have his moments when he is caring and is actually being nice to people but this is only on very rare occasions.Likes: Football, Star Wars, Super Mario Bros, sex, cougars, girls, parties and playing the guitar Dislikes: School, rules, learning, losing and being told what to do.She doesn't get along well with people who are stereotypical about her or try to take her place.She's in love with Sam and they recently got back together with him but then hooked up with Puck at Jake's party and then eventually after kissing Puck again, Sam broke up with her.Now she's in love with Puck trying to figure things out with him.