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He noted that Nye charmed the "evangelical audience" with his style, while the NCSE noted that Ham – "no mean orator", according to the NCSE – "sometimes rambled far afield, and [his presentation] often raced by so quickly that it was hard even to know what he was saying".Daily Beast writer Michael Schulson, however, used the same Seahawks-Broncos analogy to declare Ham the resounding victor.

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Prior to the event, Ham commented, "I don't see it as a debate to win or lose.

, isn’t going down well with both old and new fans.

Following the show’s release on Friday, the internet has become a beehive of activity, with insults and outright dismissals of America’s favorite scientist flying left and right.

Although Schulson agreed with Nye's underlying scientific message, and allowed that Nye "had his moments," he wrote that "it was easy to pick out the smarter man on the stage.

Oddly, it was the same man who was arguing that the earth is 6,000 years old." He believed that Ham's simpler presentation made him sound like "a reasonable human being", while Nye lost his audience by "sounding like a clueless geek, even if his points were scientifically valid".

The insults vary, with some people upset that Nye didn’t go more in-depth with the topics he has chosen to include in the series.

Others, many of whom live in various continents around the world and didn’t grow up with Nye, called out the show for being lame, corny and trying too hard to fit in.Fossils, genetics, and other disciplines give compelling evidence that all life on earth is related and developed over a very long time through natural processes.But we're also brothers and sisters in Christ with Ken Ham.The Genesis flood narrative, which Nye repeatedly referred to as "Ken Ham's great flood", was a major topic of discussion, with Nye arguing that a boat constructed according to the parameters given for Noah's Ark in the Book of Genesis would not float.Nye also calculated that, if there were 7,000 "kinds" of animals on the Ark, on average, 11 new species would have had to come into existence every day for the Earth to contain all presently known species.You don't have to give up Christian faith in order to accept the best, most compelling science.

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