Blind dating in the inland empire

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Blind dating in the inland empire - diamond dating lil scrappy

She charges an initial $3,600 to begin the process and an additional $7,200 if a match is made.Occasionally, she lowers the rate, particularly for seniors on limited incomes. It all begins with an in-depth interview, usually by phone, where she gets a sense of clients and what they are seeking.

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“Don’t think because they are 75, 85 or 95, that they want to settle for a warm breathing body,” she says, sitting at a café near her home in San Rafael where she works.

By that time, she’d had some experience matching friends.

It seemed natural to her to introduce people she felt would be right for each other.

Her father was a rabbi and she watched him perform a lot of weddings and heard him talk about what makes a good marriage.

Growing up in San Diego and South Carolina, she loved visiting her grandmother in San Francisco, hoped to attend Cal, and was admitted to the class of 1992.

When those relationships ended, she introduced them—and says they’re happily married.

Gottesman returned to Israel, did more informal matchmaking, and then settled in California.

Heading back to New York, she worked at a nonprofit that helped elderly holocaust survivors.

She noticed, as she had in graduate school, that those who fared best had partners.

Neither was a perfect match, but he says he’s gained confidence and is ready if the right one comes along.

“Before this,” he said, “I hadn’t been on a blind date in 50 years.” Plenty of others—she doesn’t have specific numbers —are dating and some have married.

Many have tried Internet dating, which, despite her hands-on approach, she doesn’t oppose.