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To subscribe, simply provide us with your email address. About Blog Leading publisher of brain injury books, resources and information about traumatic brain injury, concussions, and post traumatic stress disorder PTSD. Since Jul 2008 Blog Facebook fans 1,047. About Blog Get all information about brain injury from Kara Swanson's Brain Injury Blog. About Blog Discover the latest news, treatment, and concerns for individuals suffering from traumatic brain and head injuries. Since Jul 2005 Blog Facebook fans 374. About Blog This blog is written by TBI blogger who is a multiple-concussion survivor, now living large, living well, and sharing info about how to restore your life and sense of self after brain injury. Since Dec 2007 Blog brokenbrilliant.Facebook fans n/a. About Blog This law blog provides news & commentary on brain injury legal developments.

In the ensuing years, the author came to realize that the brain injury survivor community included many others besides persons with traumatic brain injuries. The subject matter of the thesis included a theoretical analysis of certain topics of interest that the author surmised would be of interest to the brain injury survivor community, a community that included the author. Ultimately the topic was allowed, the work commenced, and the faculty advisors were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable about how to conduct a research project.Many others were also helpful with their special insights.In conclusion, we survivors with any kind of acquired brain injury must continue to communicate to get our viewpoint on things out into the public arena. Some survivors are affliated with the Brain Injury Network ( and Survivor Acquired Brain Injury, two interconnected entities that promote collective and self-advocacy for survivors of acquired brain injury. For people with TBI and other kinds of acquired brain injuries, brain injury can bring on great life challenges and changes.

There are never enough resources for survivors and their families to cope with numerous struggles on many fronts that can result from brain injury.

In this blog you can also share your story to help others.

About Blog Find stories of survival, inspiration, determination, and recovery from TBI survivor.

The Best Traumatic Brain Injury blogs from thousands of Traumatic Brain Injury blogs in our index using search and social metrics. About Blog Helping people better understand the impact of brain injury and the remarkable work being done every day to improve our ability to diagnose brain injury, to treat brain injury, to prevent brain injury and to obtain compensation for brain injury caused by negligence. This is a subreddit to provide support to those who have suffered TBI's, and to discuss these injuries and the ongoing effort to learn about these injuries.

We’ve carefully selected these websites because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.

It included persons with other forms of acquired brain injury (abi) including people with strokes, brain illnesses and other abi conditions. author August 1, 2012 postscript: The author of this thesis and web site is pleased to announce the publication of her book entitled Brain Injury Advocates: The Emergence of the "People with Acquired Brain Injury" Human and Civil Rights Movement.

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