Central dating interracial

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Central dating interracial - Free teen dateing hookups site

I now have to close out my checking account because of this.

We work very hard at keeping scammers off our site and the small number of employees we do have are all professional and have had background checks done.This employee should NOT have the ability to ask people for their photo ID, Drivers License and Passport.This is private and personal information that will be used for scamming people!! Her email also has her photo and she is [redacted].No one give any online employee a copy of your drivers license or passport!!! I paid for a month subscription of 19.95, and there has been 4 more payments of 19.95 taken out of my checking account since then, without my permission.It was brought to my attention by my credit union You cannot speak with anyone at this company, and can only leave a message.Very frustrated and irritated with this online dating site!

Account_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement I would like 79.80 refunded back to my debit card, or a check for this amount, that would total the last 5 months of 19.95 taken from my checking account.Complaint[redacted] Scam to get photo ID's with credit card information!!! I paid with my credit card and was sent a letter saying that I was using credit card fraud and that this [redacted] Customer service woman needed a copy of my drivers license and passport in order to verify my identity. No one in their right mind would give a copy of their divers license or passport to a [redacted] on line in [redacted]!!!!! This photo will be used only for our records and will not be placed on the site. NOTE: The person in the photo must be holding the sign not have it typed over the top of the photo.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)They have responded and have done what is considered to be fair. They stated my New email was a fraud and requested me to send a Picture of my Drivers License or Passport. In order to prove who I was that requested me to take a picture with my drivers license or passport. But as I have stated this member has not needed to do so.I have been billed for a 3 month subscription of a dating site I no longer use.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Buyers beware.

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