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It is cooked with ginger, onion, peas, rice, chicken, carrots, and then sprinkled with coriander.I loved this one and didn’t add any extra spice to it, except some chili sauce, sometimes.

Our first introduction to the bland food was in the week-long English teacher training in Santiago where the volunteer program(would write more about it in a separate post) put us at a hotel which had an in-house restaurant.Al and I even used to notch up the once with spicy omelets and green salads.During the five months that I stayed with my Chilean host family, we must have eaten “once” for four months and three weeks.I didn’t know anything about South America or Chile in that hot month of June, even though I was flying to Chile in July, if my visa went through, which I hadn’t applied for by then.Without noticing my obliviousness, Valentina went on telling me about Chilean greetings and other customs I should have known before going to her country.With the hundreds of meals that followed, I accepted with a heavy heart that Chileans don’t eat any chili or cumin or oregano or that to find a hint of spice in their food is like expecting an Orangutan on the bustling Bangalore streets.

So Al and I loaded up on a chilly sauce, that you can find in almost all Chilean homes but unopened or rarely used, which was surprisingly hot enough that it satisfied the spice need of an Indian and a British.Of course, Al also sprinkled the onion salad with the MDH red chilly powder and the cumin powder I had carried from India and which had got me some looks from the customs on the Santiago airport. Spices are absconding from the restaurant food, too.Though some restaurants serve which is an interesting mixture of fine-chopped onion, tomato, coriander, and green chilies.Though I had heard that the English people are obsessed with spices(all pun intended), I hadn’t seen them pasting their food with chilies from so up close.And then I had a bite of the pizza, which tasted great, but it was bereft of any spice whatsoever.The fellow volunteers who might be reading this post would agree when I say that the food was free, so we were thankful, but our human instincts did make us hate the food makers some time.