Conventional radiocarbon dating

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The programme supervisor’s decision will be transmitted directly back to the applicant and forward to the C laboratory.

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Dr Derek Hamilton is a recent appointment to SUERC staff and has that expertise. This presents an opportunity for research grant applications on such topics as food residues in pottery, etc.

The laboratory currently has the capacity to produce around 5000 AMS targets per annum, of which approximately 3500 would be unknown age samples and 1500 would be standards.

Currently a total of around 3500 targets are measured.

There are many other potential applications that would benefit from high precision data, particularly if used in combination with Bayesian statistics (see section 6).

Maximisation of Impact of dating formation: There is a need for people in Scotland with a good background in Bayesian statistics (and archaeology) who can help archaeologists to design their C dating programs to achieve the maximum amount of information.

Historic Scotland (HS) has funded the development of an on-line system to handle archaeologists’ applications for HS funded radiocarbon dating.

The system is based on a database, linked to the Online Acces S to the Index of archaeological investigation S (OASIS), which will provide the applicant with an on-screen application form and will permit the submission of the form electronically to the HS programme supervisor for consideration.Samples more recent than 300 BP are indistinguishable from late 19 samples because of the Suess effect while at 50,000 BP; measurements are approaching the limit of detection.A radiocarbon age is calculated from a re-arranged form of the first order decay equation as follows: where t = the time that has elapsed since removal of the carbonaceous material from the carbon cycle (C), again as measured in the radiocarbon laboratory.The standard target size is 1.5 mg carbon for routine analyses but for research purposes samples of a few tens of micrograms have been measured.For standard-sized targets, routine precision for samples of Holocene age is ± 30-35 years at 1 sigma.There are a number of opportunities arising from the on-going research at SUERC. These results were backed up by quality assesment data that confirmed both the accuracy and precision of the measurements on the unknowns.

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