Couchsurfing is not a dating site

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Couchsurfing is not a dating site - marriages for online dating

Couchsurfing used to be (and still can be) a request mechanism: the surfer does the research, and sends targeted requests to hosts who look appealing.A few years ago CS introduced the "put yourself out there" scheme: surfers broadcast a request and wait for hosts to make offers.

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Bruce Schneier, security expert, has a great essay on the kindness of strangers.

TL; DR What's the general rule of thumb, should a single woman accept offers from male hosts they haven't reached out to?

Or should you only accept to stay with people you have messaged directly?

I've heard a lot of good things about the site.

But I have also heard the unfortunate stories of hosts that prey on women, make them feel uncomfortable, or worse, assault them.

But don’t forget: Personal messages work best, so be sure to write requests that are unique for each potential host.

Also note: People who live in popular cities often get many messages, so you’ll most likely have to send multiple messages to potential hosts, which is why message templates can be helpful.However, I have been getting a lot of messages from men that want to host me or meet up.Some of them have no references, so obviously I steer clear of them.In addition, your profile should always include at least one photo of you, so that guests can get to know who they’re meeting. A personable message about what you want to do, why you want to be hosted, your travel dates, and what you can share is best. Message templates are great for sending information about yourself when finding hosts.Your Countries you’ve visited are also nice to include, and really informs your host more of where you’ve gone and what you’ve done. You can create a template in any message and save it for later use.Here are some sure fire tips to enjoy Couchsurfing.