Couple meets for first time after dating for 5 years

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Couple meets for first time after dating for 5 years - 2 way live cam chat

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It's set, I have the address, I'm not thinking anymore, I'm caught up in the moment... It's a 30min drive to get to them, i'm really horny with thoughts of what will happen, my cock surprisingly calm... She's sexy, and she smiles as she sees me, I'm hoping its because I'm not a disapointment.

" Her reply is simple, she said nothing but swollowed at all down with a moan and then said "fuck you taste good" still holdin and storing my cock, which is still rock hard and glistening in the light.....

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She pulls down on my boxers freeing my swelling cock, the cold air feels intense over my exposed skin, everything is heightened by the new exapeience unfolding in front of me.

She licks her lips as she grabs hold of my cock midway along the shaft and lightly stokes it down to the bace, her bf said "she likes it, not seen her smile like this in a long time, I like seeing her like this" I smile back saying "I'm pleased to hear it" then turning my gaze to her, she's looking intently at my cock growing harder with her soft but warm touch which is replacing the cold air and I say "I love a good blowjob" she looks up at me into my eyes as she leans in taking the head of my cock into her warm wet mouth and starts to work her hand up along the shaft as her mouth stays clamped over the head, her tongue sliding over it.

The teenager has been dancing since she was 2 years old and dreamed of having a whole dance studio to herself so she could practice anytime.

Well, her parents made that dream come true in their new home.

She then licks up my shaft all the way to the tip and lowers her mouth down as far as she can go, it's warm and she lets out a little gag as my swollen head touches the back of her mouth, It's so sexy, she lifts up and off with a trail of spit connected to the tip of my swollen head and her tongue.

She then moves down licking around my balls, they lift and full over her tongue, she moans enjoying the feeling and the weight, she's looking intently into my eyes always stroking my full length, her hand sometimes lingering at the head, it feels so good...

I find the house, i make a slow walk to the door, it's late, i hope i have the right house, my heart starts pounding again as i say to myself "fuck it" and knock on the door... They could see I'm nervous and ask "is this your first meet? They put on a porn film its a bukkake movie she said "love to do this, all those cocks for me" and then her bf gives her the knod "shall we start then", she stands up letting her dressing gown fall to the floor, she's in leopard print underwear I look up her body taking it all in with a smile, she has long firm legs and a flat belly and big breast being pushed togther and spilling slightly out of her bra which looks to be a size to small making her breast seem even bigger, she does a little twirl and drops to her knees and motions come to me with her finger...

I stand and walk over to her, she instantly grabs at my belt as soon as its in reach I help unbutton my jeans and she does the zip pulling my jeans down, I'm starting to firm up now and you can see a real outline of my growing cock through the fabric of my boxers which she sees as she slowly looks up taking in the stranger in front of her looking into my eyes with a smile and a glint, I think she's looking forward to my cock as much is me looking forward to experiencing her talents!

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