Dating a guy with kids and an ex wife

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Dating a guy with kids and an ex wife - Fee sex live voice chat

And remember my starting premise – you always have those two options when your date comes with a crazy ex.If you decide to stick around rather than calling it quits, be sure you know what you’re doing, or get out while the getting is good.

I ended up going to the sexual health clinic to get checked as I might have it.. I love the guy with all of my heart but the way I see it is that the mother of the kids is doing this in hopes he leaves who ever he's seeing & go back to her. I live with my kids father and he sees someone else or many people dont know call me stupid if you want but we still sleep together, its the comfort and experience and Id bet hands down he and his kids mother still sleep together. Especially if shes not throwing him out cuz if she was real sick of him hed be gone thats why hes not. Your just providing him with a good opportunity you deal with it and so he gets 2 women (maybe more who knows!?! Leave you have more to offer someone dont settle for less.He comes to me when he needs someone to talk too or when he needs something that I don't mind being in his presence brings me to life I'd stare at him wondering how long he'd stay.I feel as if there's 3 people in this relationship & that he's limited - the longest I've spent with him is 7 hours & that is throughout the whole year we've been dating.My family didn't like it & still don't as they think he still shares the same bed with the mother of the children OR that their still a couple, mind you when your in love no1 Else's opinion matters.Everyone is entitled to their own opinions NOT their own facts. Now days when he threatens to leave his family the mother of his children threatens to take the children away from him, says that he will never have access to those kids more like she uses the kids as collateral, she does things in which would cause an argument between her & my partner.We talk about future plans & having children, living together etc.

He comes to me when he's had an argument with the mother of the kids - I asked him a few months back if she was aware that he's seeing someone else he said yes she knows.

* Listen to your gut, use common sense, be sure to stay safe.

* Consider what you’ve heard, what you know, and how comfortable you feel with the situation – for yourself and your kids.

Maybe she got a hold of your cell number and she texts you nasty-grams. Some may consider this one of several potential dating red flags – likely to arise if his divorce is not yet final, if he hasn’t been divorced for long, or if there’s a legal action still brewing. ” Ask Yourself Hard Questions Shouldn’t we pose a few questions, like – * Do we sense we’re in harm’s way?

Isn’t this a little more than we bargain for, even with that irritating term “baggage?

I said to him, if he was such a decision maker he would of made a bold decision & depart from where he is now & come be with me saves the children from hurting in the long run, I don't want them kids to be thinking it's OK to do what their dad is doing y'know totally unprofessional.