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But at the same time, humor and wit is something that can make you popular and loved by everyone, not just the woman you’re trying to attract.

And when she feels like she’s the one in control of the situation, she’d open up to you and even carry the conversation forward with ease. ” [Read: What to talk about on a first date] Never overdo self deprecating humor While using self deprecating humor may be a great way to open a conversation, don’t completely rely on it to woo a girl.It may make you look weaker at first, but a few clever lines and wit can bring you back into her dating book in no time. If you want to date a girl, you need to use humor to make her feel comfortable, not to give her a chance to walk all over you.Ridiculing yourself by using a few self deprecating jokes is always a great hit with the ladies. “You know I never really know what to talk to a girl as soon as I’m introduced to one. If you’re a really funny and charming guy and tell a girl that you think you’re boring her, she’ll obviously laugh and deny it.But if you’re a boring guy and you use the same line, you’d end up ruining the conversation right away.Make fun of your good side, and never your bad side, if you want to impress a girl.If you’re not too careful with your friendly approach to date a girl, you may end up becoming her I-wish-you-were-gay best friend.

Use these steps on how to date a girl by being a funny guy, and you’ll be able to get the girl to fall in love with you and have a great time being with you, all at once.

And the best part, no matter what kind of humor you pick, you can always end up with the girl.

How to make a girl laugh To be a funny guy, always look at the bright side of everything and try to find a funny side to everything that happens around you.

Even if your girlfriend dresses in a completely different way than you do or has a completely different body type, she still probably has something for you to wear if you need it. There's only so much that a cis guy can understand what you mean when you talk about sexism at work and how the first day of your period feels like an anvil is crushing your lower body and street harassment. That's not to say that there aren't lesbians who will make you feel like shit about your body, because lesbians are people and some people (and therefore some lesbians) are assholes, but for the most part, the women you're dating know what cellulite is, they know where body hair grows, and they're not going to fault you for having the body of a human being. You enjoy talking to each other just as much as you enjoy having sex with each other. The whole world if your spare change jar were full of tampons. You can go to the same dressing room or gym showers, and no one cares. People think you have amazing, otherworldly sex all the time. But also you lie around and eat snacks while watching TV, and that part is equally cool. You both know it's a complex show with a lot of good and a lot of bad, and somehow you've both seen every episode because there are, like, four shows on TV with lesbian characters and you get that. Who the hell knows, but she'll at least give it a shot. You tell her you have your period and she doesn't look the least bit fazed.

Probably from all that readily available lotion, man. Even some of the butchest lesbians have that shit on lockdown. You can tell each other anything and they'll actually understand. And then have sex after because of all that boob touching, etc. You can scream-sing dorky lesbian anthems together. isn't the perfect time to belt out Four Non Blondes' "What's Up"? No one can make fun of and also defend with you like she can. Will the braid look like it was done by a drunken bird?

How to date a girl using humor Now before you ever try to date a girl using humor, you need to know how to make a girl laugh and have a great time when she’s around you.