Dating an oil rig worker

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Dating an oil rig worker - Total sexchat srbija

Wall street, wife died of cancer 3 yrs ago, has a daughter taking up Medicine in Australia, goes to Dubai for a project almost 6 wks ago, bringing another engineer under him who happened to make a mistake while in Dubai, causing an explosion, that he needed some money to give as downpayment for the damage before he is allowed to go back to NYC.

That was bold of him to do video Skype with me and that is why I somehow thought he was for real.I am filing a report with the Sheriff in the morning.Not expecting anything to happen as a result of filing the complaint. I found this guy at Match, supposedly 50 y/o petroleum engineer, lives in NYC, ?by Anonymous (USA) David Morgan- Good looking says he's a 57 yo. Then, he said, "It's right in the middle of the ocean, my dear." I asked him how deep, at what depth do they drill? After he asked me if I liked jewelry, what I ate for lunch and if I lived alone - (I didn't answer the last) and he refused to tell me what ocean he was in... He is Alessandro 58 y.o widower, wife died of leukemia, originally from Italy with 18 son enrolled at Concordia University in Montreal Quebec, Canada.widower, from Germany- with a son Clinton in boarding school. Contract awarded to him and his crew by Exxon Mobil.Luckily, I've done so much dating that my heart and brain just went into auto-pilot protective mode from the start and did not relent even to the end. Keep your personal info extremely guarded until in-person meetings dictate otherwise; even then, it may take more than a year to truly trust someone. He sent photoshopped pictures, a fake passport, and stolen pictures from another Asian guy.

If you're not extremely experienced and also somewhat "jaded," that emotions are like a powerful drug; so BEWARE. Google all kinds of key words to obtain info, lots of info. Then he asked me if he could send a package to my house. A week later I started getting emails from a shipper, asking for money. I've found a lot of pictures and fake profiles using those same stolen pictures, so I thought he was lying to me but instead he was another scammer.

It's mind-blowing to me how vulnerable we all are, even so. Just saw a piece on CBSN 24/7 News about a massive Nigerian ring that has infiltrated businesses and romance sites, etc. I was stupid and sent him a 1000.00After I did it I new it was wrong. I got in touch with the real person whose pictures were stolen, and I told him about what happened.

The FBI just thwarted million in theft via cyber scamming schemes, many arrests in Los Angeles. I kept getting more and more emails from this shipper saying that they were going to confiscate his money. He sent me some flowers, that was a joke when I got them. After I told him I was not going to send him money, he got very nasty. When I found out he was Russian I got a little scared. I wonder how I can find out who this person really is. He claimed he was 50 years old, he has a 14 year old daughter named Jessica, his parents were dead and he is from Hong Kong but lives in Florida. He said that he needed a new gas cylinder and then told me that the whole machine was broken and needed money to pay the company to supply the machine for him.

), Saudi contract, consistent photos and dozens and dozens of fast brilliantly deceptive answers, incredibly elaborate, sometimes involving subtle reverse psychology, always exuding the pretense of pure intentions and high integrity. Toward the end, there were just a few too many red flags altogether to not wonder about. I wouldn't stay with my husband if he did this We need to shine a light on these people.

He even had "his" prior home and "his" current home ("wife Samantha died" in a car crash) cleverly "staged" for confirmation, even to check up on while gone; the address was on his photoshopped (front and back) hologram driver's license. I asked a couple of professionals to help me dig hard into this man's story details using online info (or absence of online info, as was the case for Daniel Phelps, who was allegedly raised in Malmo Sweden by his mom because his dad died when he was five). There is a shift in online dating that I have noticed and have been noticing an uptake in money lost since March to romance scams. [email protected] Lori My story is similar to the Matthew Zhang Yong one.

You can put the payment into dispute with your credit card company; but be advised that Match usually responds in an unethical retaliatory manner, usually by blocking you from all future use. He never asked for money, but I got the sense that ask was inevitable. I think the phones they use are called VOIP, where you can select the number you want with these companies. Hé claimed he is 49 years old 167 cm in height, he is looking for another wife. He has buttered mouth and praised me and telling me he was in love.