Dating and appraising old bottles

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Dating and appraising old bottles - taupo dating

Sailors and whalers who drank their whiskey in Hawaii prior to 1898 drank from bottles manufactured for Hawaiian companies that were embossed H. You’ve amassed a collection of whiskies, properly inventoried every bottle—and if you haven’t, read this guide—and now you want to make sure that your investment is secure. Whether it’s for insurance purposes, or because you are selling at auction, an accurate valuation of your whiskies will be essential. Your collection may be worth much more than you think.

The company specializes in brokering private client insurance in the UK and has access to household policies that accommodate high-value wine and whisky collections.The hammer price represents the value of the bottle.Don’t forget to account for tax, storage, and shipping to derive the true cost of whisky’s market value replacement.By Mike Polak The history, culture and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands are intertwined with the history of the many varieties of bottles from all of them. Its history and culture began centuries earlier, when a 1,600-mile long fissure on the floor of the Pacific Ocean produced the Hawaiian Ridge.That said, Hawaii, sometimes referred to as “The Aloha State,” didn’t become a U. Along the top of this ridge were individual protrusions of domes that over time formed the Hawaiian Islands: Hawaii (The Big Island), Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai.Here’s how to figure out what your whisky is worth.

Do It Yourself Once you’ve inventoried your whisky, you can use online resources to do your own appraisal.Hawaiian rule continued until 1893, but Western influence continued to grow, and American colonists overthrew the Hawaiian kingdom on Jan. In 1898, Hawaii officially became a territory of the United States. began importing embossed whiskey bottles around 1878, and Geo. Mc Lean started importing blob top blown sodas around 1885. With nearly 40 years in the hobby and with a personal collection of more than 3,000 bottles, Polak is a leading authority on bottle collecting in the United States.The importing of bottles to Hawaii dates back to 1851, when German merchant Ulrich Alting imported the first known Hawaiian embossed soda bottles. The continued influx of visitors and new inhabitants eventually led to the establishment of Hawaii’s first bottling companies in the early 1880s, and when Hawaii became a territory of the United States in 1898, many more bottling companies came into existence. (Territory of Hawaii) appeared on the bottles and was carried through statehood in 1959. He has written more than 10 books on bottle collecting and has contributed numerous magazine and newspaper articles on the subject.For somewhat more common bottles, research recent prices at online auctions and Bottle Blue Book, although it can be a struggle to find values for obscure one-off releases and antique bottles.Know the numbers you’re looking at: some auction houses show hammer prices after a sale, while others add the buyer’s premium, which can hike the price by up to 25%.“Like all things of repute, scarcity, and exclusivity, collectible whisky cannot easily be replaced following loss or damage on a ‘new for old’ basis in the same way that a television can be,” she says.

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