Dating antique picture frames

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(Figure 3) During the 1860s the pendulum swung back to a simpler style with the Renaissance Revival and the delight in neoclassical ornament.Soft undulant forms were replaced by the fluted cove design.

Patterns were joined together with jarring effect with little or no attention to form.

Our showroom has a large collection of custom picture frames dating from the Fifteenth Century to the present.

Our historically accurate antique reproduction picture frames are individually crafted and custom-finished to complement each individual artwork.

Corner leaves that were made to mask the crude miters were made of pewter or lead and nailed on.

(Figure 8) Eastlake-style frames also became popular with myriad variations available.

In the early years of the 19th century when the simple elegance of Duncan Phyfe furniture reigned supreme, the primary sort of art being made was portraiture.

For the simple dignified images produced, frames of simple cove moldings were made.

(Figure 5) The 1880s signaled the height of Victorian eclecticism: There was no such thing as “too much of a good thing.” During this time, frames were elaborately composed of many different patterns of ornament at once.

(Figure 6) The French Barbizon style of frame (itself a design based on 17th century Louis XIII frames) gained popularity and was widely reinterpreted in America.

If a client has just spent 0,000 or 0,000 on the Hudson River landscape of their dreams, it is not that far-fetched to understand that they are willing to pay as little as 10 percent of the cost of the painting on a fine period frame that will best complement and contain their prize. When assessing any period frame, you must look not only at what artwork it may be on at present, but also its inherent quality as a frame of its period, and the quality of artwork it may be able to surround.

(Figure 1) The style of American frames can be closely associated with trends in art, architecture, design and decorative trends, and as the swing of a pendulum, styles tended to shift from simple to elaborate and back again.

Today, nearly 25 years later, there is a growing body of scholarship available: books, videos, exhibition catalogs and essays.

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