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After leaving the label, he frequently changed styles and in the early 1970s he switched to soul-influenced „electric“ jazz.

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Instead it indicates that Blue Note was part of the EMI Group.

"Unissued Masters" Series, 24 Bit By RVG, 50th Anniversary Collection, Back To Blue, Blue Brazil, Blue Break Beats, Blue Breakbeats, Blue Juice (2), Blue Notables, Blue Note 80 Vinyl Reissue Series, Blue Note Best & More 1100, Blue Note BLP 1500 Series, Blue Note CLASSIC, Blue Note Collector's Choice, Blue Note Connoisseur Series, Blue Note Jazz Classic Series, Blue Note Legends, Blue Note Masterpiece (Vol.1), Blue Note Masterpiece (Vol.2), Blue Note Masterpiece (Vol.3), Blue Note Masterpiece Selection 150, Blue Note Original 5000 Series Collection, Blue Note Plays, Blue Note Rare Groove Series, Blue Note Records 75th Anniversary Vinyl Initiative, Blue Note Review, Blue Note Tone Poet Series, Blue Note, The Masterworks, Cadre Rouge Audiophile Edition, Doubletime Series, Groovexperience, Immortal Masterpiece Selection, Jazz Inspiration (2), Jazz Profile, Jazz References, Jazztime Paris, Modern Jazz Series, Music For Lovers, New Wave In Jazz, Roulette Jazz, RVG Edition, The Artist Selects, The Blue Note Collection (2), The Blue Note Cover Series, The Blue Note Re-Issue Series, The Blue Note Remix Project, The Blue Note Years, The Blue Series (2), The BN Works 1500 Series, The BN Works 1500 Unissued, The BN Works 4100 Series, The BN Works 4200 Series, The BN Works 4300 Series, The BN Works Funk Series, The BN Works LEE MORGAN, The BN Works Rare Groove, The Finest In Jazz, The Hits Of Blue Note Part 1, The Hits Of Blue Note Part 2, The Jazz File, The Other Side Of Blue Note 1500 Series, The Treasures Of Blue Note, The Ultimate (2), TSF Explore Blue Note, Unissued Masters Series Part 1, Unissued Masters Series, Part 2, World First Appearance The Blue Note Label Group 150 Fifth Ave., 6th Fl.

New York NY 10011 USA P: (212) 786-8600 Historical Contact Info (all contact info now obsolete): Labels: ~2000s: Blue Note Records Inc. • New York USA 1982 to 1986 (France): Blue Note Records Inc.

Hundreds of musicians have covered the tune since then.

Herbie Hancock was signed to Blue Note Records until 1969.

1962 to ~1966: Blue Note Records Inc • New York USA 1959 to ~1962: Blue Note Records Inc • 47 West 63rd • NYC 1958 to ~1959: Blue Note Records • 47 West 63rd • NYC 1957 to ~1958: Blue Note Records • 47 West 63rd • New York 23 1943 to 1957: Blue Note Records 767 Lexington Ave NYC (late 1941-1943: operations suspended while Alfred Lion was in the army) 1940 to 1941: Blue Note Records 10 W. NYC 1939 to 1940: Blue Note Records 235 – 7th Ave., N.

In 1939, Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff, two young migrs from Berlin, founded the legendary jazz label Blue Note Records in New York.

Founded by Alfred Lion and Max Margulis in 1939, the label focused on jazz and built an important catalogue of traditional jazz and swing recordings through the 1940s.

Its earliest releases are now acknowledged as classics.

• New York USA ~1990s: Blue Note Records • 304 Park Ave. • 47 West 63rd • NYC 1977 to 1983 (Japan): Blue Note Records Inc.

• 47 West 63rd • NYC 1975 to ~1979: • Blue Note Records • Manufactured By United Artists Music And Records Group, Inc.

In the 1950s it was one of the earliest labels on which bop musicians appeared.

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