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Prices may vary considerably depending upon the amount and style of engraving. Straight soprano $2000 Curved soprano $2500 Alto $ 2100 Tenor $ 2800 Baritone $ 3000 Bass $ 7500 “TRANSITIONAL” 240XXX – 260XXX You’ll see these with different keywork styles, and almost always with elaborate engraving. The Conqueror series (26M and 30M) have very elaborate adjustment mechanisms and solid silver key touches.

C melody $ 800 Alto $ 900 Straight Alto ,000 Tenor 00 Baritone $ 2500 Bass $ 7000 NEW ARISTOCRAT 255XXX – 270XXX There are only alto and tenor horns in this series. Physical appearance is similar to the True Tone, but the neck is different, the keyguards are more deluxe. They will always have snap in pads and Norton springs. You’ll be unlikely to find them in anything but lacquer. Alto $ 1800 Tenor $ 2300 ARISTOCRAT 290XXX – 325XXX “BIG B” The name comes from the bell engraving. Alto 00 Tenor $ 2200 Baritone 00 ARISTOCRAT 330XXX – 360XXX I think these are often overlooked and underpriced. Toward the high end of the serial number range you begin to see some examples that look like 400 bells on Aristocrat bodies.I have based my valuations upon the following assumptions: (1) the instrument is in perfect playing condition and needs nothing in terms of repair (2) the finish is original and completely intact (3) the original case is intact (4) the instrument has not been altered or modified from its original condition, having the correct style pads, springs, no neck pickups etc.Deduct for needed repairs and/or restoration to original condition.It was designed by my good friend and legend Santy Runyon.The 6M alto; 10M tenor; and 12M baritone are the famous “naked lady” horns.The Zephyr baritone remained essentially unchanged throughout the production run and sound great. The first examples had mother of pearl key touches; sunburst engraving on the bell keys; socket necks; and optional sterling silver necks (add 15%) and sterling silver bells (add 30%).

Most of the Zephyr series was in lacquer, add 15% for silver. Around 430XXX, the Super 20 was cheapened considerably: the neck changed to a conventional style; the bell key engraving eventually went away; the mother of pearl inlay was long since gone. There are a few examples with gold inlay on the silver bell (add 15%), a few rare silver plated horns (I own one, add 20%); and a very few gold plated ones (add 25%).I did not consider auction sales (such as E-Bay); private sales between individuals who are not regular dealers; pawn shop or other irregular sources, or any anecdotal stories.I have only addressed instruments for which there is a regular and established market, so not every model is included.VINTAGE SAXOPHONE VALUE GUIDE When I set out to prepare a reference guide for pricing vintage horns, I did so with the clear understanding that it’s not a perfect world, and that the preparation of a perfect value guide would be impossible.I have based my research on actual selling prices by recognized dealers.From the Committee on, they are almost always lacquer. Tenor Magna $ 3200 Baritone $ 3400 has no chromatic F# Baritone Magna $ 3600 SELMER The name alone inspires reverence.