Dating customs in afghanistan

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Dating customs in afghanistan - direct dating com

This is by no means a be-all, end-all guide to dating in the Afghan-American world. But it goes a little something like this: If you are an outgoing, social, “modern” (I hate that word), ambitious, Afghan-American woman – honey, you better compromise. See, some Afghan-American men are a false advertisement: he wears Ralph Lauren, drives a nice car, has an active nightlife, but has the mentality of a Talib on crack. Everything about him will scream “American”, “open-minded”, “accepting” “non-judgmental”, but his actions will speak louder than his Instagram page.

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Some of it is also saved for the families themselves.

To avoid all this, some Afghan couples are getting engaged or married very early on, without getting to know each other. Do we really care that much what the community thinks, that we’d sacrifice the happiness our daughters could have with a partner that would love, support and respect them? Again, I need to reiterate that this does not extend to all Afghan-American men of my generation.

This rush is done so that both parties can “keep their honor”, but in the cases I’ve seen, separation quickly follows.

Customs and Cuisine of Afghanistan Afghanistan is a country in the heart of Asia that is usually mistaken to be in the Middle East. Its population of 34 million is made up of many different ethnic groups who speak different languages and have their own cultural practices.

Some of the largest ethnic groups are, in order, Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Turkmens, Nuristani, Baloch and Pashayi.

My girl cousin who got pregnant by a man she had been dating for almost a decade? I’m a Pashtun in the end, I get the whole honor thing, even if that means living a double-identity at times.

But the very least we can do is treat our sons and daughters equally. But our men are just as oppressive as the systems that placed white men in positions of privilege.So what you’ll get with Afghan-American men these days is a Frankenstein of different values across cultures: I drink, my girl doesn’t drink. I’m out till 5am, my girl better be in bed by 10pm.I got exes, but I’m my girls “first”, I can’t look like no chump!In both Eids, everyone makes new clothes to wear on the three days of the Eid holiday.People put henna on their hands and women get designs on their hands and feet.And she better never lie to me, but she can lie to her parents to see me.

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