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Dating gay dude faqs - datinglovingyou com

The intensity of your attractions may not be in your control; however, you can choose how to respond.Asking the Lord what you can learn from this experience can focus your faith on an outcome you can control.

Some are attracted to both genders, and others are attracted exclusively to the same gender.If you feel comfortable talking with a parent, another family member, or a Church leader, consider sharing your feelings with them.Help them understand what you’re going through so they can show love and support.For some, feelings of same-sex attraction, or at least the intensity of those feelings, may diminish over time.In any case, a change in attraction should not be expected or demanded as an outcome by parents or leaders.Treat your parents and leaders with the same kindness and respect you hope they will show to you.

This website is designed to help everyone better understand same-sex attraction from a gospel perspective.

For example, those who experience gender dysphoria may or may not also experience same-sex attraction, and the majority of those who experience same-sex attraction do not desire to change their gender.

From a psychological and ministerial perspective, the two are different.

If you’re asking yourself whether you’re gay, you’ve probably experienced same-sex attraction and are wondering how to interpret these feelings.

Sexual desires are complex and shaped by many factors.

If they don’t understand what this experience is like, ask them to read through the articles on this website.

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