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Most chubby girls develop trust issues when it comes to anyone’s ability to love them.Chubby girls navigate in a work that constantly tells them of their unworthiness.

However, that is something you won’t have to deal with when you’re dating a chubby girl.You’re probably not going to do that cute piggyback thing couples do in movies.Also, the rules of physics state that you cannot pick her up and carry her in your arms if she falls and hurts her ankle during a zombie apocalypse.The best example of this is when a man says: “I love a woman with meat on her bones.” it may sound encouraging but when you think about it, it is stripping you down to animalistic meatiness.Unfortunately, this is the most common pick-up line from people who want to flirt with a chubby girl.It hurts because no one wants to hear that your basis for wanting them is because you aren’t attracted to someone else.

Sexualizing, fetishizing and racializing bigger women carries dehumanization and violence behind it. “You’re attractive to me.” “You’re worthy.” “You are more than your body, but I love appreciating your beauty.” When in a relationship with a chubby girl, there are some things you cannot do especially if you weigh less than her.For those who scorn chubby girls, it may be a surprise for them that someone can actually simultaneously be happy and chubby.In fact, nothing about a chubby girl’s appearance make them unworthy of great love, awesome sex, and respect.So, if you like a chubby girl right now, make sure you are serious about getting to know her. Here are four things you should know about dating a chubby girl: When you date a chubby girl, make sure you are serious. Don’t get involved with her if you just want to try her out because she’s “big in all the right places”.These reasons are very dehumanizing and hurtful for them.They enjoy having a good meal so you can expect them to be more than willing to try out different restaurants and cuisines with you.

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