Dating murano labels

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Little kids as young as 12 years old are joining their fathers and grandfathers in the furnace to help them and learn the art of glass blowing.

All artworks displayed in our Murano Glass Italy – Murano Glass Shop are certified Murano glassworks.

When people talk about Italian art glass or Venetian art glass, they are usually referring to the sculptures, vases, chandeliers and decorative glass objects made in the island of Murano, Italy.

Murano is a small island in the lagoon of Venice, where the art of glassmaking has more than 1000 years of tradition.

This is a dangerous metal that is not part of the Murano Glass tradition.

Using Lead is forbidden in Murano and a crystal which is not 100% clear, is a true sign of Murano glass authenticity. The Pontil mark is a scar that was left behind when the glass master broke the Pontil rod of the finished blown Murano glasswork.

Silver and gold infusion is a special technique that is difficult to copy not to mention that quality raw materials are expensive, which makes replication hard.

Visit the beautiful island of Murano and see how the real Murano glass is created.

Look for the certificate of origin sticker on the artwork, which certifies that the artwork was made in the island of Murano, Italy.

You may find more than one stickers on the artwork as there are different certifications available.

ince centuries people from all over the world tried to steal the ancient art of Murano glass blowing with less success.

The art of making Murano glass is deeply woven into the families of glass blowers living in the island of Murano.

Only glassworks made in the island of Murano can be marketed as Murano glass artworks.

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