Dating my ex husband

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Dating my ex husband - Sexstreaming free chat

He had planned to take her out for some ice cream and asked me to join them.We went in his car, and my daughter was the happiest.

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We now met every alternate day, sometimes with our daughter, sometimes not. I felt like a brand new person with some motivation to wake up, to dress well, and to feel loved.

Eventually, there came a day when he spent the night at my place. We flirted with each other and teased each other, I was curious to know if there was ‘another woman’ in that time that we had been separated. I was now seeing clearly why I had left him in the first place.

There wasn’t, and that made me fall harder for him. Soon, when he began frequenting our place and spent the night with us, he had begun to annoy me once again. He was selfish, wanted us only for his needs, his priorities were all messed up, his male ego was at an all-time high, and he went about giving orders as if we existed to please him. He wanted to know I had to take his approval for every single thing.

We decided to stay in the same vicinity so that he could stay close to our daughter.

One afternoon, as I parked my car outside my daughter’s play school to pick her up, I saw a familiar car pull up at a distance. It had been about 8 months since the divorce, and we hadn’t really met; apart from him clumsily showing up on some weekends in shorts and oversized T-shirts to pick up our daughter for the weekend.

The questions you should ask if that happens to you include: “What do you want to do?

Eleven years back, we were in our twenties, wild, free, and stupid.A few days later, he texted me and asked if we could meet for lunch without our daughter. Seemed like our little rendezvous at the school the other day had also sparked a little something for him.He made no attempt to tell me that during our lunch, but as the days passed, it seemed like the two of us were now “hanging out” like love birds.Dating my ex was now the only thrill in my life, apart from my daughter. But we chose to ignore everyone and continued doing what we thought gave us momentary happiness. Now that I had resumed work after my maternity break, his doubts doubled.He called me several times during the day and thought he could treat me the same way he did before we parted ways (formally).Mine weren’t too realistic, but his were overly ambitious. Nine years later, we were getting divorced over “compatibility” issues.

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