Dating singer oil cans

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Dating singer oil cans - Sextoys chat room

This machine was gran’s life and she used it in place of any other machine that might ever have been, or might have become available for her to use.When gran moved to the nursing-home, in the early 2000s after worsening Alzheimer’s Disease, her most treasured possession, her Singer, was placed in the basement, where for the next eight or-so years, it sat in a corner at the bottom of a bookcase, gathering dust.

And it’s no exaggeration to say that it took me nearly a week to lubricate the entire machine to a level where it would run as well as it did when it was brand-new. There is the incredible thrill of a challenge, combined with the later sense of accomplishment, when it came to getting that machine running again. It runs, it stitches, it sews, it runs at every speed, the light turns on, gets hot enough to fry breakfast on, and then turns off. And that’s when the thought entered my head that I could bring the machine back to its former glory, by tracking down and purchasing all the necessary bits and pieces for it. But as luck would have it, I live very close to a large and very well-stocked flea-market.

Out of sheer luck, I found the can which I needed at the flea-market, hidden in the pre-dawn mists, amongst a bookcase full of all kinds of other cans which were for sale. Finding all the attachments for the sewing-machine was another big challenge. The pictures below show the machine looking as it would’ve done back in the 1950s, complete with the parts that would’ve come with it when purchased brand-new: Bits and pieces such as zigzaggers, buttonholers and other bits and pieces were purchased separately on a required basis.

No one box of parts which I bought ever had the full set. But those photos illustrate what came with the machine when it was brought home for the first time.

The majority of what happened next is covered in my earlier article.

This posting is more of an addendum to what I’ve already written. Actually getting the machine running and sewing for the first time really was an exhilarating experience.

I am proud to say that as of the date of this posting, the restoration is complete!

Gran was born on the 7th of May, 1914 in Singapore.

When she retired, she moved to Australia, and her Singer sewing machine came with her.

A battered, but trusty Singer 99k knee-lever electric sewing machine.

And I had no idea which one I would need to fit the slot inside the case-lid. The standard Singer bed-extension table measures 8.5 inches wide (the width of the machine-bed), and about eight inches long.

All I knew from what I saw, was that it had to have a flange at the bottom, and it had to have a curved base. Finding that final, missing piece means that the machine is finally back in its original and complete condition, having been reunited with all the items that would’ve come with it when it was purchased brand-new from the shop.

Before disposable metal, paper, and plastic engine-oil containers became commonplace, drivers pulling into gas stations and asking for oil often had to watch and wait as the lubricant was hand pumped from a drum into a spouted glass bottle.

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