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The service centre is also a mile walk each way from the nearest tube station !I shall try the refuelling on the centre stand trick, I’ve not been doing that.” From “S.

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They applied ‘a software update’ which does appear to have fixed it.

The ride home was only ten miles but in that distance, no recurrence.

I will report back either way once the position finalises.” From “F.

I had one stall about a month ago which was difficult to restart, but the fuel guage was on two bars, and it was just before I got the TFT warning to refuel, so I put that down to a sensor guage set too low, and make sure that I refuel when it gets to 3 bars.

However I had two stalls last week, and one yesterday in same situations, the last stall with a newly full fuel tank.

On the Freeway it seemed to be fine, with or without a passenger, except I notice going down the Mountain to Santa Cruz, I was letting off the throttle to keep the speed at 55, the engine was surging just a little, with a passenger.

I took the Scooter to the Shop again, and had a mechanic ride it at a steady 25 MPH, and he was dumbfounded by the surging. But, I have been ignoring it, I just keep riding it.

They said that the mechanic plug the Scooter’s computer in for a diagnostic report and it said it needed a couple downloads for the codes that came up, which they did.

The service writer said that he didn’t know what downloads did, only that they were required by the diagnoses.

I pulled over, I had a 1/2″ Bolt in my rear tire, I just had enough air left to make it to the dealership for a new tire. After 400 miles and generally running well, the stalling issue is still occurring in much less frequency but in some ways similar to riding events prior to the fix: Light throttle through a turn and then slowing down for a possible approaching stop.

Since the stalling issues began around August 1st my bike has been trailered to the dealership 3 times periodically for a total of four weeks of shop time.

I took it in to the dealer after the first two stalls, who did the first service at the same time and reckon they updated the onboard computer, but as said, it stalled again yesterday.