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I prioritized the venue, photographer, videographer & flowers.I was lucky enough to have my friends do the photography, videography & flowers, which is normally where a lot of the budget goes to, so I was lucky enough to be able to save in those three categories! I went to 5 different places; it was like I was playing dress up!

Just about every guest came up to me saying how timeless it was! My table layout was very simple, no décor, or frames, just white flowers & a few tea light candles.

My mom & dad are so incredible & they funded 99% of my wedding.

The initial budget was ,000 & after everything from the dress, dj, invitations, videographer etc. We kept a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the finances which really helped visually to see where you can move/cut money.

To be honest I cant help but pat myself on the back because my bridesmaids STOLE THE SHOW.

My overall vision stayed the same for the most part.

It is shocking in some stores of how little your options are with that budget (even though that is SO much money).

Luckily those over priced dresses led me to the one.or B.” and he’d say “A.” then I would say “yeah but I’m kinda thinking B.” haha!Another huge thing for us was that he was gone for baseball season from February to September so he physically wasn’t able to help sometimes because he was playing every single day!From the beginning I wanted all white flowers, then for a quick second I wanted super saturated florals.I quickly went back to the all white vision, & filled my colorful floral crave with my bridal shower décor. Any other vendors I needed my venue had a list of recommendations.October 8th, 2016 – Hawaii Since my husband is a professional baseball player we were forced to choose a wedding date between September to Janurary. I went to about 6 different wedding venues before deciding on the final gem, Coyote Hills Golf Course in Fullerton CA.

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