Dating violence in two high school samples discriminating variables

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Dating violence in two high school samples discriminating variables

Social media’s role in romantic partners’ retroactive jealousy: Social comparison, uncertainty, and information seeking., P. The characteristics of romantic relationships associated with teen dating violence. Retrieved from, S., Baker, C.

Adolescents also articulated several ways that they curated their social media to avoid conflict and jealousy within their romantic relationships.

Changing your status in a changing world: It is complicated!

Exploring gender differences: Socially interactive technology use/abuse among dating teens., A., & Allen, G.

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Understanding the role of digital media in adolescents’ romantic relationships is essential to the prevention of digital dating violence.

Positive and negative maintenance behaviors, jealousy, and Facebook: Impacts on college students’ romantic relationships.

Maintaining relationship alternatives electronically: Positive relationship maintenance in back burner relationships., R. The dark side of social networking sites: An exploration of the relational and psychological stressors associated with Facebook use and affordances. Relational dialectics and social networking sites: The role of Facebook in romantic relationship escalation, maintenance, conflict, and dissolution. Getting in, being in, staying in, and getting out: Adolescents’ descriptions of dating and dating violence. Making it Facebook official: The warranting value of online relationship status disclosures on relational characteristics., B., Connolly, J., & Temple, J. A developmental systems framework for understanding dating violence in adolescents and young adults. “She posted it on Facebook”: Mexican American adolescents’ experiences with technology and romantic relationship conflict.ánchez, V., Muñoz-Fernández, N., & Ortega-Ruíz, R. “Cyberdating Q_A”: An instrument to assess the quality of adolescent dating relationships in social networks., J.

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