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Always remember: Like vampires, drama kings are counting on you to invite them in.

And to the degree that you allow them a place in your life, they will be right.

People addicted to drama are seeking that rush of adrenaline or the thrill that the rush of energy brings them.

For people that lead a very uninteresting or monotonous life, that rush of adrenaline helps them feel alive.

Drama kings always present themselves as victims: of women, of their upbringing, of discrimination, of society, whatever. If you even hint that he bears primary responsibility for his life and choices, you either just don’t understand, or worse, you are a traitor and a hater.

Watch out for men who have nothing good to say about their family, their exes, other women, other men or “them” and constantly talk about what “they” did or are doing to him. Ladies, it’s an act of both self-love and self-preservation to recognize drama kings before allowing access to your body, home, money or heart.

Not only is violence the drama king’s preferred means of dealing with conflict, but he seeks conflict to create opportunities for violence.

The violence embraced by drama kings is often, but not necessarily (and may even exclude) physical, but verbal and emotional, and is often passive aggressive.

The test is to see whether or not you choose to see it for what it is: buying in or moving by? Buying into the drama can happen so subtly that you don’t even notice that you did it. You are simply there to be a witness, not to participate.

Family patterns have a more emotional charge attached to them. Your unconscious habit slid into place and it just happened, without you realizing it. Regardless of how long it takes to discover, you got caught. Think of it as gathering research or an investigation.

The addiction to drama is not much different than an addiction to gambling.

When drama is happening in a relationship dynamic, excitement happens, your body produces adrenaline and there is a rush of energy.

Or, the mother-in-law that blows everything out of proportion so that she has some adventure in her life, even if the entire family is miserable. If you are undertaking a healing journey to achieve more balance and peace within your life, drama comes up and tests you.

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