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These sites will purposely give great reviews to sites they’ve partnered with so that they can get you to sign up for their service, and so that they can receive a commission from the company.There’s clearly a need for more trusted dating review sites to help out people who want to know if the dating app they want to try out is worth it or not, how successful a site is at delivering on their promises, and which ones are total scams.That’s what Dating Insider, one of the newest dating reviews mega-sites, aims to do.With all the dating and hookup apps out there, you’d think that there would be more people reviewing these things like they do with the newest restaurants, clothing, and Amazon products; but there’s only a handful of sites out there, and an even lesser amount of trusted sources.At least 49 million singles have tried online dating, and dating apps/sites rack in millions of dollars from all these users.From dating sites for adults that dress in diapers/mommies and gluten-free people looking for love, one of the more common and less weird ones out there are ethnic dating sites.

You can find a dating site just for you no matter who you are; if you're seeking a lover or someone to share and understand your culture without having to explain it, I can guarantee that there's a dating site out there for you to join and meet people who share the same culture. It's easy to select your ethnicity on any old dating site or app, and maybe even filter your search for matches to include "Black," but wouldn't it be easier to just have everyone on the dating site you're using be Black?

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One of the biggest ethnic niche dating sites on the market is for Black people searching for their perfect partner. Besides, you'll most likely need to upgrade your membership on most dating sites for a fee in order to use a more advanced search tool that lets you filter for ethnicity.

Meeting people on these ethnic niche dating sites is easier than ever, and there are tons of people using them.

Their reviews are written by dating experts who spent time with each and every app/site they review by actually signing up for, and using its services.