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Ms*** approved her introductions using the Selective Screening option With Selective Screening, Ms*** is offered the benefit of hearing (and having theopportunity to ask) detailed information regarding a possible introduction via atelephone conversation with a matchmaker or enrollment counselor If Ms***approves the match, the corresponding introduction letter will be sent out and the matchwill normally count toward her program If Ms*** declines, it will not be sent outand it will not count as a match.

While I know that kindness and generosity are imperatives to a lasting relationship, early on, I am also attracted to a little bit of mystery. If things go well, this translates to the nervous excitement about what potential is ahead. My girls regularly ask if I have been hanging out with any “friends” recently.First and foremost, we are disappointed to have one of our clients so unhappy One of ourprimary goals is to have good customer service.However, Orange County Singles has a firm “no refund policy” (See paragraph 4aof thecontract, which states: “EXCEPT WHAT IS OTHERWISE PROVIDED HEREIN, THERE IS NO RIGHT TO RESCIND THIS AGREEMENTOrange County Singlesdoes not grant refunds or accept cancellations of any kind, unless otherwise stated in thisagreement.”)However, within the agreement it clearly indicates that certain refunds aregranted under the following circumstances: 1) For any reason, if that cancellation is made anddelivered to the selling office in writing anytime within three days up to and includingmidnight on the third day after enrollment(This timeframe is defined by California law)2)After the three-day cancellation period if a member relocates his or her primary residencefurther than miles from any of the company’s offices3) After the three-day cancellationperiod if due to death or disability a member is unable to receive all introductions purchased.Getting into a relationship and expecting a person to understand this strange dichotomy often seems too much to ask.I have been pretty lucky though; I’ve met some truly amazing women, even if at the time I didn’t realize just how special they were. And I know I was too busy overthinking and questioning my choices.Looking for an easy, fun, and safe way to meet friends, dates, lovers of your dreams? Whether you're looking for new friends or searching for your soul mate, it couldn't be any easier!

As a member, you can search for your ideal partners, check out their photos and profiles, contact them, post your personal ad, upload your photo.

As I have met new women, I find myself attracted to the layers, to their own brokenness, to our common ground and the resilience that comes with life experience. I think I see an inspirational quote every minute on Instagram, specifically about overcoming our failures, learning from mistakes, and being a better person each day.

Not that it requires having been through a divorce … These mantras can get tiresome, but that doesn’t make them less true.

Still, I see this as an opportunity to set an example for them.

They are observant and smart and realize things are different at dad’s house.

It still amazes me how quick I am to picture a woman around my daughters and wonder how she will be with them.