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Flying from Orlando back to Raleigh, the best deals are generally found on Saturday, with Wednesday being the most expensive.KAYAK processes over 2 billion travel queries annually and displays results from hundreds of airlines and third party sites, allowing it to find a variety of flight prices and options. Flight was delayed 6 hours, they offered us a 10 meal voucher.

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Cons: The extra security line in Panama was slow and painful, and they dump you into this very small waiting area once you're through it.

I had to find out at the gate that Frontier charges up to for all carry-ons.

Now I know why the tickets are so cheap, but if you have any kind of luggage, you might be bettet off just paying what the other airlines are charging for airfare (might be cheaper, especially after Frontier's luggage fees).

Upon boarding the flight from Boston to FLL the flight attendant said I would miss my connecting flight to Panama, but when I arrived to FLL I was told I would have had plenty of time to make my flight. Cons: Frontier has a nice cost up front, but the bag charges and seat charges are excessive and gratuitous. seems like Delta does not maintain their planes very well.

Following these events my luggage was misplaced and is still missing, I had no other choice but books a hotel to stay the night until the next flight to Panama which is at 11 P. tonight which is coming out of pocket and expense I feel should be covered by the airline. Flight was delayed 6 hours, they offered us a 10 meal voucher. The flights left on time and arrived early and safely. Cons: I believed that you could have one carry on and one personal item for free. Definitely wanna fly frontier again Cons: There was a crying baby for the entire flight and the man next to me smelled so these are things frontier can’t control. I would have much preferred a greater cost up front, as it was still cheaper than the competition in the long run. flight was delayed, which made it stressful to catch connecting flight at LGA.

To add insult to injury I was just informed that I would have to check out by 12 Noon today even though my flight isn’t until 11 that same evening Pros: Crew was great. Delta couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything to help with replacement flights to Madrid despite we were supposed to have 3 1/2 hours layover and had less than zero (the flight out left before the flight into Zurich was deplaned. No one wanted to try and help those of us that were inconvenienced. There was plenty of room for my carry on, so it felt like a trick to be charged. when we were all on the plane, the pilot states that he apologizes for the wait, since we were waiting a while for take off.

The customer service was poor and the agents at the counters were extremely unprofessional. he said there was something wrong with the fuel system that had to get fixed but it is ok now. as soon as he said that, the passengers started talking among themselves saying,,,,,,,,,,,,well, i hope it is ok now, because if it is not, we may not get to our destination!

Flights were cheap but the hassle was not worth the savinga.

Pros: There was nothing to like the experience was horrendous from beginning to now and it’s still not over.

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There isn't too much leg room I guess and no TV or radio but considering the price is cheap that is to be expected. :-) Pros: The ONLY thing I liked about this airline is the leg room on the plane.