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My block has the same salt break out on the flywheel side but I have all of the pieces to put it back together. (I have an american Type G that looks to use similar manifolds and flywheel that I'm looking to make 3D printed patterns for (I've given up hope on finding original stock parts.Not to get side tracked, did you make it to the mainland this past summer.

From the photos I can see that I will have to make a new one as mine will be to short.

These were used as starting engine for the larger engines. Now I need a riveted air tank to complete the starting set up. The brass tag on the compressor indicates that it was made by F M In Chicago Ill. I'd keep it in use and get an "R" to have on display nearby, but then I'm a little goofy that way.

I would like to know the estimated manufacturing date. mine is stashed away for the winter so I can't get to the serial number right now. The number I submitted in my first response is from original factory literature that shows the precise serial number at which various magneto changes were made.

Same footprint, gear height, etc as the "R" magneto but I believe the correct magneto for your engine is the RV-1. (I only read the numbers about 5 times and then screwed it up.

Oh well.....) Thanks guys, The mag on it is an RV 1. Thanks again, Lou A new toy followed us home from the Flywheelers Show.

I would like to know the estimated manufacturing date. 745413-763828 makes your engine a 1930 (748433) It most likley has the Model R magneto with a potmetal govenor bracket.

~ Jonathan 776416 was the first serial number for the RV-1 Fairbanks magneto in the 2 hp engine. Jonathon is right: your engine predates the RV-1 magneto thus should have the R mag. I have I beleave most of the parts for 5HP.ie, shebler carb,ingniter,pump and assorted hardware linkage for the pump and the ingniter. As common as Fairbanks Morse farm or stationary engines are, their marine engines are relatively scarce. Hopefully someone on this site can produce a picture of the trip parts. I also have a parts 1 1/2 engine that has peanut oil in the cyl to try and free the piston. has some salt cracks and the piston is stuck in the block, not a real problem. Are the engines Fairbanks Company or Fairbanks Morse?The fellow that owned told the peaple in Kellown, B. Thanks for the replyjb That is the engine, I believe it to be a model M.I would like to find out what the little lever attached to the block on the top with the gear teeth that is theaded through the block to a pointed affair on the bottom side, The lever it`s self is threaded and is held fast with a nut.I may have to send my photos to my home system to see what I can do with them.