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Every pains ehou M be taken to avoid injuring the oterii surface, and as little placental tissue m possible should be left behind When the detachment of the placenta is completed, it should 1 grasped from above, in the full hand, and its expulsion should effected by externa! If portions of the membranes arc torn away during delivery, they should be sought for and carefully moved. then sential to the carrying out of 1 regarding the comfcticto of the of oral deformities of which V" be doing injustice to the v particular reference to the 1 treatment of fractures ol the whole subject is so thoroughly ini: is left to be desired bjr anv es to treat these fractures i ^ fully. S having a status peculiarly its own amfmg the text books of midwifery' in the English la Ln- giiagc/'-^^\'(? ** We do not know of a compact text-book on the diseases of children more complete, more compre- hensive, more replete with praclicd remarks and scientific facts, more in keeping with the develop- ment of modem mcdiciiif, and more worthy of the attention of the profession, than thai which has been llie subject of our remarks." — Journal of Ob- sietrics. The operation of separating the placenta should never be perfor hurriedly. Lusk's %vork is so comprehensive in desifrn and Si3 elaborate in execution that tl must Ijc recofj- ni Jied S. " The translator has been more than ordinarily suco^^ful, and his labors have resulted in what, in every sense, is a valuable contribution to medical science.*' — Psychological Journal.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . The short time that has elapsed since the appearance of the first edition of this work precludes any attempt at extensive revision. restless and complains of headache and vertigo j the respirations be- come short, interrupted, and sighing, and the pulse small, weak, thi-eady. '*The germ theory of disease is most intelli- gently presented, and indeed the whole work is instinct with a high intellect." — Boston Common- Ufga Uhm " In the book before us we have the minute de- tails of hundreds of observations on infusions ex- posed to optically pure air; infusions of mutton, beef, haddock, hay, turnip, liver, hare, rabbit, grouse, pheasant, salmon, cod, etc. nil jth the subject-matter itself, wti In many of those for whom it is uur ofiiu: h^ Qilcr, possess themselves at once of the volume lad lom their own opinions of ilj merit," — Ait^tmid and Sur^ai J&umai, fitu ^to iolog]i B A MANUAL OF MIDWIFERY, Includio]? Translated from the third 'German edition by Chaeixs HJ Carter, B. With Twenly-^ix Engravings on Wood, i vol., Svo, 3S8 pp. Hildebrandt advises following the cord upward and separating the ■bcenta with the hand covered by the membranes, as a means of Hroiding the dangers of infection and of injuring the internal uterine surface. "This volume is one whk:h will command pro- fessional respect and attention. cases of Women and Children in the Be Uevue Hospital Medical Cullege; Obstetric Surgeon to the Maternity and Emergency Hospitals » and Gyas- cologist to the Bellevue Hospitah Complete in one volume* 8vo» with 226 Illustrations^ D'Outrc|HMii'» &tethod» modiftc J by Saintonu Cloih, : sheep, f6. as A t&o^ ^aaro^^Ki*: wr (ormal Aou, vn a lomv ^N\vl C^^ nw M. Contractions are hero of great service, as they both fiicilitate the separation and serve to ren- ^£r distinct the border-line between the placenta and the uterus. Legg's treatise is a really great book, ex- hibiting immense industry and research, and full of valuable information." — American Journal 0/ Med- ical Science, " It seems to us an exhaustive epitome of all that is known on the subject." — Phi Melphia Medi- cal limes. In fact, 1 know of no simiiar work that can filly be compared with it. Quain possesses, in the choice of di-stin- guished collaborators, have been applied lo the con- struction of a volume whose contents are so clear and compact, y d I words used in medicine and the C' i and also to present a treatise on ^y^tcmutic l ULnii- dne, in which the separate arttc W on disease* should be short monograph-^ *- ..^:. By their aid he may fairly be said to have attained his object of ' bringing tojjethrr ttve laut*»^.Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. experiences by tlie re- corded observations of others. Thus, in Muller's statistics, in 1,148 cases there were 272 trans- TOne and 107 breech presentations. forth 50 point «1]y as to make au \TO\i Tesavcyt\;^ — TAe Independent. He then gives his ideas on the subjects of g'mnastics, cloth- ing, sleep, and recreation. The work is well printed as usual.'* — Medical Record, *'The first inquiry in this country regarding a German book generally is, ' Is it a work of practi- cal value ? The technology of vegetable fibers has been considered to include the preparation of flax, hemp, cotton, as well as paper-making ; while tlie application of vegetable products will be found to include sugar-boiling, wine- and beer-brewing, the distillation of spirits, the baking of bread, the preparation of vinegar, the preservation of wood, etc. Wagner gives much information in reference to the production of potash from sugar-resi- dues. These facts arc largely drawn from the extensive and varied experience c A the Bfi* thors. »pectalist&, to the journals devoted to them, "The Popular Science Monthly " has dealt uith those more general and practical subjects which are of the greatest interest and importance lo the people at large. We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Because of tlie strangeness of much of tlie new obstetrical litera- ture, I have considered it desirable to make copious references to recent authorities. The frequency of the anomalies is partly attributable to the large proportion of premature labors, and • Thii Ticw was first aiivnnced by Fountftiti in the " Am. Sd/' It hiu linc K* been od Tocated by Dunc Aii, Juden, Friiii Vel, Spic^lherg, and others, Hiilkr ■ad Kobn, howevor, dispute ft, m justified neither bj tbeor)r nor bj observation. "This is a racy little bt»ol nf t^c r.i pood advice and importani r^ m a free and e^y style, wi tinued humor ant seasoned, and wh a pleasant pastim ^ non-professiona K"— C*'«(*j" j^ A Btit f"^ D, APPLETON &s CO: S MEDICAL WORKS. Being the First Part of a third edition, revised, enlarged, and in a great part rewritten, of " The Physiology and Pathology of the Mind." By Henry Maudsley, M. He suggests a system of remedial education and hygienic precautions, and he closes with a diatribe against popular fallacies." — Philadelphia Press. Oswald, author of the above book, may be somewhat sweeping in his statements and beliefs, but every writer who, like him, clamors for sim- plicity, naturalness, and frugality in diet, for fresh air and copious exercise, is a benefactor. Cloth, f4,sa This Tal liable wor V is a tn tisc on Diseases of the Boiiei,! ' Without stopping to consider the just- ness of the American idea of the ' practical,' we can unhesitatingly answer, * It is I * "— A'ifrto York Medi- cal Journal. The use of baryta-salts is also fully described, as well as the preparation of sugar from beet-roots. D,, Professor of Dermatology in Bellevue Hospital Medi- cal College ; Surgeon to the Chanty Hospital, Venereal Diseases, etc I vol., Svn, 672 pp. Many important branches of gemto^unmiy diseases, as the cutaneous m Aladtes of the pejiit and scrotum^ receive a thorough and cihaus Uve treatment that the profesdona) reader will survh for elsewhere In vain. That which was at first a dubious experiment has now become an assured and permanent suc- cess. When the placenta is situated upon the anterior wall, the patient should be placed upon the side. Bartholomew's Hospital, and Lecturer on Pathological Anatomy in the Medical School. '• It is the work of one who has thoroughly stud- ied the subject, and who, when he finds the evi- dence conflicting on disputed points, has attempted to solve the problem by experiments and obsenra- tions of his own." — Practitioner^ London, *' It is a valuable work of reference and a wel- come addition to medical literature,— Z)»^AW Jour- nal 0/ Medical Science, "... D., Emeritus Professor* of Materia Medica in the University of Aber- deen, etc., etc. To medical students and practi- tioners of all sorts it will open up lines of thoug:ht duid investigation of the utmost moment."— ZV/r^ l^ancet. or c Ar J has contributed to ii Record ^ Nnti York^ *' This book b^rtrs tvfrffuee ( every ptage t 1 ill patient and i fpv^at person... Illus- trated by Six Lithographic Plates, By Alfred Vogel, M. The work is well up to the present state of pathological knowledge; complete wtthf^tit a» necessary prolixity; its symptomatology accurate, evidently the result of caieful • - 1 uf 1 competent and experienced clinical practitioner.

Spiegelberg says that in his experience this method has socceeded only where the placental attachment waa'loose and the leparation emy, B Bands should be divided by pressing them between the thumb -nail ^ind the index-finger. It is, perhaps, the most comprehensive and exhaustive treatise upon the subject treated ever published in the English hmguage.'*— Maryland Medical Journal. *' If only it can f^t a fair hearing before the pro- fession it will be the means of aiding in the devel- opment of a therapeutics more rational than we now dream of. ^' It contains one of the best et* J pots Uioos of the ob»telnc laeooriul practice of the day t* Uh m Hk Ii «»$J*f H / ♦* Pi Tkfessor Lusk's b' the art of midwifery w modem scienci? -a^^nt^ ^ ^wa^ and easy re Ut^acfc: '''—Med , and Sur r. A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE DISEASES CHILDREN- Second American from the fourth German edition.Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. As a rule, however, the haemorrhages of pregnan- cy are at first moderate in character, increasing in violence with each repetition. That the phenomena of si^und and unsound minds are not matter* of dis- tinct investigation, but inseparable part? The * Physical Education ' is one of the most whole- some and valuable books that have emanated from the American press in many a day. The author undertakes, first, to g^ve a picture of disease which shall be as life-like and faithful to nature as possible, instead of being a mere theoretical scheme ; secondly, so to utilize the more recent advances of pathological anatomy, physiology, and physiological chemistry, as to furftish a clearer insight into the various processes of disease. S., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London, etc., etc. We have intended to meet this want, and will be found use- not far to go m this work for occasions of favorable ful for reference, to both scientific and general criticism ; they occur throughout, but are perhaps readers. Under the head of Metallurgic Chemistry, the latest methods of preparing iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, copper-salts, lead and tin and their salts, bismuth, zinc, zmc-salts, cadmium, antimony, arsenic, mercury, platinum, silver, gold, manganates, aluminum, and magnesium, are described. The editorial articles are ^^^^^Hpy well written, and are models of their ^^W^^Rltogether, the * Journal ' is a credit to medi- " cal journalism, not only of ihiscitj', but of the coun- try. Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. A very formidable variety is the so-called **fitillicid- iom/' where the blood issues drop by drop for days and even weeks in succession. ^ of one and the some ioqutry, seems a truism as soon as stated. To effect a rcconc JUatujn brtuxm th*- and the Pathokig-y of the mind, or rat struct a basis for bfjth in a commcn socute^ aim of Dr. The Spind Cord, or Tertiary Nervous Centers; or, Nervous Centers of Reflex Action; IV. Mauds- ley, is a very engaging volume to read, as it is a fresh and vigorous statement of the doctrines of a grow- ing scientific school on a subject of transcendent moment, and, besides many new facts and impor- tant views brought out in the text, is enriched by an instructive display of notes and quotations from authoritative writers upon physiology and psychol- ogy ; and by illustrative cases, which add materi- ally to the interest of the hock.^'— Popular Science Monthly. Not onhr can everybody understand it, and, what is more, y^^/ it, but everybody that gets it will be certain to read and re-read it We have known of the positive and most salutary influence of the papers as they apn peared in the ' Monthly,' and the extensive demand tor their publication in a separate form shows how they have been appreciated. These notes arc meant fro give hints for thought to those who have pereo Rfll dwrgrof health of others. With Particular Reference to Physiology and Pathological Anatomy. Felix von Niemeyer, Professor of Pathology and Therapeutics ; Director of the Medical Clinic of the University of Tubingen. The work has met with the most flattering reception and deserved success ; has been adopted as a text-book in many of the medical colleges both in this country and in Europe ; and has re- ceived the very highest encomiums from the medical and secular press. The author extends the ordinary view of most apparent in those parts of the subject with foods, and includes water and air, since they are which Dr. The various applications of the voltaic current to electro-metallurgy fellow under this division. The ^Journal' continues under the control of its former editor, rr. F^isler, who brings to the di*ichargt:' of his new and rcsprmsible duties every requisite qualificatjuu/'— .l/^i^/t W^e'to/'i/. Foster^ and most take its place as one of the earnest publi- cations of the country/" — Medical Bulletin, *' W^'th the advent of the present year * The New York Medical Journal* was changed to a weekly, and came to hand in an entirely new dress. D., Lecturer on Materia Medica in the Mtam* Medical College, Cincinnati. ♦•The Popular Science Monthly" and "New York Medical Journal" to one address, per annum (full price, ). In a yery thin, diffused oentva^ it has been proposed by Hobl to inject the vessels through th P nmbilical vein. It is, indeed, a valuable book, and the best storehouse of knowl- edge in its department that we know of." — Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal, FIRST LINES OF THERAPEUTICS as Based on the Modes and the Processes of Healing, as occurring spontaneously in Dis- eases ; and on the Modes and the Processes of Dying as resulting naturally from Disease. The ixxik will |)rove invaluable alike to the student and the prac- titioner." — American Practitioner, *' Dr. It contains much that must gain for it the merited praise of nil imparlta] judges, and protetl to lie an invaluable text-hook for the 5^tudent and practitioner, and a afe and useful guide in the ditlicu U but all -important department of Paxliatrica. When the placenta everywhere adherent, a thickened border should be chosen as the 668 THE PATHOLOGY OP LABOR point for commencing the detachment. The reader is at once struck with the im- mense amount of research exhibited, the author having left unimproved no accessible source of in- formation connected with his subject. ^ ••We mav say that, as a contribution to the philosophy ot medicine, this treatise, which may be profiubly read during odd moments of leisure, has a happy method of statement and a refreshing free- dom from dogmatism."— AVtv Yorh Medical Rec- ord. .-,_,.; and harmonised by the tnir 1 or i^ientifir Rpirir, jtr*d w? \'hether for the student obliged to learn the theoreticil part of uiig| Author't Modificat Lm of Tainter^i mter^i Forceps, 15 J *♦ Dr* t«tisk's style is dear, f*eneraily concise, and he has succeeded in putting in less than seven hun- dred pai^es the best exposition in the En^Iij»h lan- guage of obstetric sdence and art. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Dorpat, Russia. Raphael, M, D., late House Surgeon to Bellevue Hospital; Physician to the Eastern Dispensary for the Diseases of Children, etc., etc. The diag^o&i^ and dit Tcrential 1 ' 4iv cases to each other are accurately cfescribed, and the therapeutics judicious «no ♦ii%«. All polypharmacy is djicardcd, and only tlje remedies which appeajcd ttseftil to the aalhor cum* mended.Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. The most violent haemorrhages occur generally in the earlier part of the first stage of labor. But, strange to say, they had always been pursued separately, and been in the hands of two distinct c Jas^'^ of investij^ato Ts. Maudsley's book/* — /.omii/tv ** A Tcprescnlative work, which every ooe ni« study who desires to know what is doin^ in the ••f] of real progress, and not mere chatter^ abost aa0(se. Secondary Nervous Centers, or Sensory Ganglia; Sensorium Commune; V. Motor Nervous Centers, or Motorium Commune and Actuation or Effection ; IX. PHYSICAL EDUCATION ; or, THE HEALTH LAWS OF NATURE. Let those who are able and wish to do good buy it wholesale and give it to thcise less able to obtain it." — Tlie Popular Science Monthly. E very-day sanitary knowledge, or Ihe knowledge of nursing, or» in other words, of how Io pat the constitution in such a state as that it will have no disease or that it caii recover from di»cs*e* is recognizetl as the knovvle A^c vc K\t\ tvet^ wv^ oa.^VVQ\w(«.-H5i&t Mkct from medical koowkdt^ irhich only a profession can Wve. Translated from the eighth German edition, by special permission of the author, by George H. D., one of the Physicians to Trinity Infirmary, Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine, etc., and Charles E. D., one of the Physicians to the New York Hospital and Trinity Infirmary, etc. ** This new American edition of Niemeyer fully sustains the reputation of previous ones, and may be considered, as to style and matter, superior to any translation that could have been made from the latest German edition. Smith's name is especially linked." — important txth in their food and sanitary aspects. The preparation of potash and soda-salts, the manufacture of sulphuric acid, and the recovery of sulphur from soda waste, of course occupy prominent places in the consideration of chemical manu- factures. ***The New York Medical Journal* has been enlarged and j^reatly improved, and comes to us as a weekly."— 5t7«Mer represents is fully carried out^ and we do not doubt but that it will be, the ' Journal * will lake the lead among medical periodicals. *♦ * The New York Medical Journal,' since the opening of the year, has appeared as a weekly. It was always one of the leading Amcrical medical jour- nals,' but in its new form it is especially attractive and instructive,'* — Medical Tr^mu. Second edition, revised and enlarged, i vol., i2mo, 414 pp. , The author has given the analysis of all the springs in this country and thotc of the principal "^Europcan spasp reduced to a uniform standard of one wine-pint, so that they mny readily be com- parecf. Translated from the French by William Huntington Smith. ♦' Not merely to scientific, but to a U thinking men, this volume will prove iatensely inlcrcstinjj. Ribot has bestowed the most painstaking mttetilion upon his theme, and numerous examples of llie conditions consnidered ffreally increase the value and interest of the volume." — Pkiladelpkia I^0rth American, *• ' Memory/ sa^ician who wishe* tn have an understanding of the present status of this advancing science^ \vho bciipns tij read it will need no urging to continue ; he will b? We unhesitat-^ ingly pronounce it one of the best wfirks on tnsan* ity which has yet appearefl in. Youmans, The volumes begin in May and November of each year. ** The Popular Science Monthly " was established a doien year* ago lo bring before the general pablic the restills of scicniific thought on many large and important (questions which could find no expression in the current periodicals.

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