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He's posted dozens of threads, all of them describing in overheated purple porn prose a sexual encounter with a guy straight out of the fantasy of a sad, lonely gay man who has nothing BUT sexual fantasies: a security guard, a priest, a neighbor, a STRAIGHT guy. The bb I hooked up with on Sunday told me that he is attracted to guys who are smaller than he is and that it helped that I had a "very cute face," in his words.[quote]Now watch him call me a "frau." Or a "prude." Or a "pearl-clutcher." Or a "sex negative." Or a "mincing prisspot." This guy is SO predictable. At the first mention of a sex act in a thread, you can't resist clicking on the thread and tut-tutting everything that happens.

One thing led to another, and cut to his apartment two hours later, with me flat on my back, legs spread, as this muscleman held me down as he mercilessly pounded my hole. Being held down by his heft as he fucked me had me screaming and moaning so, that I bet glass shattered in Staten Island. You can't tolerate Staten Island or getting fucked by somebody who might be poz. As for his HIV status, I don't know if he's poz or not. There's no rumor that he's poz, just my friend's overactive paranoia at work. I've been with a bunch of body builders myself because I was hot for that body type. After 30 years, it's time gay men get back to fucking just for the Hell of it. I rarely attract guys like this, so like I mentioned upthread, I'm going to ride this opportunity for as long as I can. [quote]You'd have to be about 19 to think this is remotely interesting.If you want to meet and date single female bodybuilders, hot muscular women, or other athletic women then there are some great websites for you.Sign up for each one and get a free profile using the lessons you learned in Attract Muscular Women and the Online Dating Profiles To Meet Muscular Women.I've met plenty and most bottom, which works out well for me. Aside from the obvious Datalounge sex troll thing, I would also have to say the most unbelievable aspect of the post is that the BB is a top.OP has either a very small peen or discovered a rare bodybuilder top. I came out in the 80's just as AIDS came about and was too scared to get fucked by someone I'd just met, and now my bf of 20 yrs isn't all that interested in fucking me. I mean, I'm sure BB tops must exist outside of porn. And generally not just bottom, but want a little something extra in terms of being degraded, humiliated or some kind of bondage--even if it's something mild. Meanwhile, OP, speaking of which, every single one of your sex scenarios has that "ass pounded mercilessly" or "ass pounded into oblivion" line. Now watch him call me a "frau." Or a "prude." Or a "pearl-clutcher." Or a "sex negative." Or a "mincing prisspot." This guy is SO predictable. Then I gave up because it became my experience that those guys were after one thing. I like the feeling of being physically dominated and held down during sex. These types of guys typically aren't drawn to me, and they tend to gravitate toward each other.

Most competition BB's are steroid freaks and extreme shrinkage of the dingaling is one of the side effects. I think the only newsflash here is that a competitive bodybuilder is topping.

My friend warned me to beware of him, since it's been his experience that gay guys THAT HUGE are poz. We're not in a relationship, so it's none of my business. My friend who warned me about him is unusually paranoid about HIV, and he assumes that muscles = poz, which isn't necessarily the case. How do you know if anyone you bring home is poz or not? But my experience has been that they truly are muscle BOUND and haven't been all that agile or versatile. Cuddling with a muscular guy is awesome, but if he shaves his body I can see how that would be rough. You clicked on the thread so you must have found it interesting, Trollerina.

We exchanged numbers, so I hope we see each other again. I don't think either of us is looking to date the other, just hook up. You're a pathetic loser, r42, and there's no doubt your life is filled with rejection from every person you've ever lusted for."In my experience, huge bodybuilder dudes are all bottoms."And what exactly does your experience consist of, R50? I haven't called him and he hasn't called me, but it hasn't even been two full days yet.

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