Finnish dating customs

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Finnish dating customs - updating ssl cert

A formal proposal of marriage was preceeded by a discreet inquiry to ensure it would not meet rejection.

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In eastern Finland it was customary to hold both betrothal and banns parties.The opportunities for young people to get acquainted were limited.The busiest times were between Easter and Midsummer, and between Michaelmas and Christmas.The farm owners in southwest Finland hired a professional spokesman.The spokesman presented the case in a traditional custom known throughout Scandinavia and Europe.If they married against their parents' wishes, they could not expect a dowry or inheritance.

After 1864 a 21-year-old could marry anyone without consent.These escapades were also known in most of northern and central Europe and the Baltic countries.Young people needed the consent of their parents before they could marry.Since 1911 girls have been allowed to marry at age 17.Girls under the age of 20 weren't considered mature enough for marriage, but by age 25 a girl was looked upon as an old maid.Later the young people traveled into town together to buy rings and a silken scarf. According to the ecclesiastic order of 1571 the banns had to be published before a betrothal.