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In Libya and other places, militias tie up gay men, take them to the roof of very tall buildings and throw them off.

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It says nothing about the source of a system that breeds gay and lesbian genocide.

I here by as a straight man pass U da epic no hetero pass.

U as a gay man when doing straight shit wit a girl have tu power tu say no hetero tu counter sexual motions. U have ascended tu a level of goods ma good brother.

There have been reports from Iraq that vigilante groups capture gay men, sew their anus shut and then force-feed them large quantities of laxatives.

Writhing in beyond-severe pain, their gastro-intestinal tracts explode.

In Uganda newspapers called for the death of all gays and lesbians.

As a public service, they even provided names and addresses.

In the process, we should be able to name and distinguish the forest from the names of the limited individual trees–homophobia, heteronormative, heterosexism, ad infinitum. George Weinberg, a psychologist, in the American porn magazine Screw in 1969 and amplified in his “Society and the Healthy Homosexual” in 1972.

“Homophobia” describes an internal emotional state–fear of homosexuality.

It says absolutely nothing about the dominant, systemic intellectual, religious and cultural superstructure in society that supports and makes possible horrific acts of violence against gay people and their community. You tell me if they are phobias or whether there is a critical necessity for a more intellectually honest, reality-based word.

Today the Catholic church teaches globally that homosexuality is an “objective moral disorder” and all those who practice it will burn in Hell for all eternity.

Both define gay people as in violation of heterosexually derived and defined “laws of nature,” unnatural freaks permitting intellectual genocide (the Church) and physical genocide (ISIS) against gay people.