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Here are 5 of the best places to find casual fun in Birmingham. Walkabout Birmingham: This is an Australian pub and sports bar that plays lively music well into the evening and turns into a fun dance party.Since sports are shown on the big screens all day, a lot of single guys gather here which means it’s a great place to meet good looking men!

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Must be south Birmingham and be able to Accommodate.

Ladies, show up during the day when a big game is on t.v and you’ll have your pick of gentleman to have fun with later. The Mailbox: A bit more sophisticated than the area of the Walkabout, the Mailbox is a waterfront location offering choices of restaurants or bars.

The great thing about this area is that because there are so many options, it attracts a lot of people.

The date ideas are endless-eat some authentic Chinese food, dance at one of the many hip bars spinning house music, or even test out your karaoke skills.