Guys guide to dating a geek girl

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Guys guide to dating a geek girl - premium international dating

If you’ve become frustrated dealing with men who’re intimidated by the fact that you are as smart as they are – or smarter – you need to find yourself a geek boy. Geeks feel things strongly and respond even stronger to the things they’re interested in. If you’re the sort of person with a large personality, this can make them even more afraid; they’ll become convinced that being rejected by you will turn into a full production that will guarantee that witnesses their humiliation.You will never find someone as excited about his hobbies or interests as a geek and his eagerness to share them. Take a good look at the current crop of a-list and up-and-coming comedians: Patton Oswalt. Think of them as timid little deer that you’re trying to convince to come closer so you can pet their soft fur.

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Once I “got it” — I experienced an internal night and day shift.

They’ll pick up skill sets just because it interests them. That intellectual curiosity and imagination I mentioned earlier? They have played through every possible outcome in their mind and every single one of them ends with laughing and pointing, occasionally with a drink thrown in their face. When you couple that with the occasionally crippling approach anxiety, nerdboys are unlikely to make the first approach.

Knowing how to build a replica of Cyclops’ visor, modding a computer into Portal turret or building Hollywood-quality costumes from Mass Effect may never come in handy… Geeks take interest in a wide variety of subjects and pride themselves in being engaged in the world around them. If you want them to come to you, you are going to have to make it easier on them.

Just as geeks love learning and collecting facts, they appreciate a woman who has a brain and isn’t afraid to use it. You have to let them know that you’ll welcome their attention.

Nothing makes a geek happier than being able to have an in-depth and detailed conversation with the woman they’re attracted to. Geek guys are frequently shy and afraid of rejection.

I learned exactly what I had to do to create chemistry with any woman.

Suddenly, the power had shifted and I could choose whether or not I wanted to attract or repel a particular woman.While studying computer science in college, I read about fifty books and listened to more audio courses than I care to remember on what exactly it takes to attract women.I attacked this subject with every ounce of my being until I got it right and felt comfortable around women. I spent the next three years implementing what I had read, often painfully learning the hard way what did not work to attract beautiful women.As much as guys like to toss around the idea that women can get a date – or laid – without effort, if it were true, every single woman’s magazine out there wouldn’t be plastered with advice on how to catch, keep and please a man.When you’re a woman who’s into geek guys (or just a little geek-curious) the difficulties grow exponentially. Take it from a dyed-in-the-wool geek who’s seen and done just about every variation of the nerdy meet-cute you can come up with.You will learn to meet high quality, attractive women that you want to be with.

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