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Boasting candy shops, cookie stores, and ice cream shops (noticing a theme?) along with boutiques, art galleries for every taste, restaurants, and sometimes live music, City Market is a must see in Savannah.

After being saved in the 1950’s, the mansion was later restored and opened to the public as a museum, kicking off what would become Savannah’s tradition of house museums.My summer vacations growing up were spent in North Carolina and surrounding areas, a mixture of spots from the mountains near Asheville (imagine my surprise when that suddenly became a hit tourism destination 20 years later!), small-town Kinston, Raleigh, and the Crystal Coast.Part antebellum beauty and part artistic enclave (the Savannah College of Art and Design is said to offer some of the best art and design studies in the USA), Savannah is a delightful combination of traditional and innovative.I grew up somewhat south-adjacent: Florida, Texas, Oklahoma–all of which are on the edge of what I snobbily consider to be the “real south”, but none of them quite capture the attitude, the beauty, the food, and the accent.The fort has seen exactly one battle in its life, which took place between Union and Confederate troops during the Civil War.

The fort later became a stop on the Underground Railroad, and at one point also served as a military and political prison.Dating back to 1750, Colonial Park Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Savannah and is most notable for being the final resting place of 700 people who fell victim to the yellow fever epidemic of 1820, who were buried in the cemetery together in a mass grave.Whatever flavor of ghost tour is for you, and whether you’re a true believer or a die-hard skeptic like me, ghost tours in Savannah are a great way to get to know the legends of the city, and I highly recommend one!In 1733 (coincidentally the same year that the congregation of the First African Baptist Church was founded), 42 Jews arrived from England with very little to their names to found the Hope of Israel Synagogue.I recommend visiting Bonaventure toward the end of your trip to Savannah, because there are enough notable burials here that you’ll find yourself recognizing plenty of names from various house tours, history tours, and even ghost tours (including the burial place of who is arguably Savannah’s most famous ghost, Little Gracie Watkins).Adventurous eaters need to be sure to add a meal at Alligator Soul to their list of things to do in Savannah–with meats like ostrich, kangaroo, antelope, and (obviously) alligator available, you are guaranteed to find unique flavors on your plate.

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