How to play the dating game

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How to play the dating game - Telugu free registration sexchat

No matter which way you look at it, you cannot deny the importance of impressing someone the first time you meet them.

Make allowances for traffic, a late bus or a long line at the train ticket booth.Then, print and laminate enough answer cards for each player to have throughout the game.Grab some dry erase markers too, and you are set to play! Start by having the wives leave the playing area to a place where they cannot hear their husband’s answers.Ask the husbands a question and have them write it down on their laminated answer sheets.Then, bring the wives back & ask them the same question. The game continues with asking more questions but this time you will send the away while the wives answer!Personal hygiene plays a very important role in ensuring that you impress the person you are meeting for the first time. Boys, make sure that you trim your nails, brush your hair, put on deodorant, don clean socks and tuck in your shirt.

Ladies, you should know the drill by now but as an extra tip, remember not to go overboard with the makeup, jewelry and perfume. Besides the way you look, your handshake is also one of the very first forms of self promotion that you can offer to people.

In a world where social media often takes precedence over real life, we tend to forget that people still judge books by their covers.

From the way you smell to the type of shoes you wear, nothing evades the scrutiny of a person trying to form an opinion about you.

As tough as it may be to make a good impression in such a short amount of time, that’s just the way it goes and you have to roll with it.

Making a positive first impression will give you a much better chance to prove your worth, especially if the person you are meeting has already decided that they like you.

You’re better off being too early than being a little late. How you look is extremely important when making a positive first impression. Never show too much skin unless you are interviewing for a position as a pole dancer.