Hwang bo hye jung dating

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It lead her to her appearance as the lead in the ghost romance Jumunjin (2010; which reunited her with Rainbow Romance co-star Kim Kibum), revenge drama Dangerous Women (2011), and horror movie Navigation (2014).She is one of the leading actresses of her generation, with mysterious, beautiful looks and excellent performances.

“After dating my boyfriend, I’ve realized what a precious thing it is to be loved,” Hwang Bo Ra explained.

Hwang Bo-ra and Cha Hyun-woo have been dating openly since 2014.

Chan Hyun-woo, who is better known as Kim Yong-gun’s son and Ha Jung-woo’s brother, debuted in 1997 as a singer.

Regarding this, Hwang Bo Ra commented, “I’m close to his family as well.

Ha Jung Woo is my drinking buddy and he’s like my best friend.

Last year, Hwang Bo-ra even mentioned the possibility of marriage.

The actress also mentioned how her boyfriend’s whole family is humorous, implying her close relationship with Kim Yong-gun and Ha Jung-woo as well.

This was followed by supporting roles in films and television dramas such as Arang and the Magistrate (2012), The Firstborn (2013), and Cunning Single Lady (2014).

From there, she has been gaining more and more popularity.

The actress was a guest on the August 16 broadcast of tv N’s “Life Bar,” along with “What’s Wrong with the Secretary Kim” co-star Chansung of 2PM as well as Jo Hyun Jae and Han Eun Jung.

Hwang Bo Ra spoke about her long-time relationship with actor Cha Hyun Woo for the first time on TV.

She did an interview after wrapping up 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim'.