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When I placed my request for acquiring my desired domain to the Domain Brothers, within hours I got the reply for the same. I am happy with the service that Domain Brothers provided to me and am particularly pleased to be able to acquire a domain which I always wanted to own and which is easy to brand.

Now the Board has given an update on second level registrations saying they arent ready for deployment. The Boards statement W Internet NZ logo Down in the Antipodes, Internet NZ has begun to release a quarterly report of life in in a new easy-to-read format, and the first of these reports for the period April to June 2019 shows that almost one in 5 domain names are now registered at the second level.No hassles and stress was experienced while purchasing my desired domain.Although it was a costly affair, yet it was very fuss-free while doing the payment.To be eligible to register a domain name, you must be a registered Canadian business or organization, a Canadian trademark holder, a citizen of Canada, have permanent residency in Canada, or otherwise qualify under the Canadian Presence Requirements.is good for anyone who is in the Business Industry and looking to either create a new site or use for redirection.Since a peak in registrations in 2015/16 of around 2.7 million, numbers declined slightly and have rema An independent review into the body responsible for regulating New Zealands cc TLD, the Domain Name Commission, has found there is much for current and past DNCL staff to be proud of and that it is a sound and competent regulator of the space.

Its the first regulatory review into the Domain Name Commission and was undertaken over 2018-2019 by independent reviewer David Pickens and was published Thursday.

The majority of these were registered by businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs.

At 30 June Purchase process was simple, straight-forward and easily understandable.

will be taken off the market within days so hurry up and make an offer today.

is a The number of domain names registered around the world passed 350 million in the second quarter of 2019, totalling 354.7 million as of 30 June, according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief [pdf] from Verisign.

is high in demand and if you are a domain broker you might want to consider holding the domain.