Is andy sixx dating juliet simms

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Is andy sixx dating juliet simms - Girls chat sexporn online

Andy Biersack has a girlfriend named Juliet Simms, who sings for Automatic Love Letter.The singer who is also known as Andy Black is of the native white ethnic background while he holds American citizenship.

Juliet also shared her happiness through her Instagram stating that she got married to her best friend and the love of her life, her soulmate.

Six feet and four inches tall, Andy Biersack was born as Andrew Dennis Biersack in the early 1990s in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America to American parents. They also performed in a show under this name of this band but later they renamed this band as Black Veil Brides.

As a child, Andy Biersack joined Catholic elementary school.

He induced his musical interest while he was in Catholic elementary school but he was the victim of bullying because of his dress and music.

He was also enrolled at Cincinnati's School for Creative and Performing Arts with a major in drama and vocal music.

Even now, Andy and his girlfriend turned life partner is living together happily at lows and at highs, never leaving each other's hands. While Andy is famed for his music, he is also famous for his tattoos. He tattooed a heart sign with a Hitler like skeletal head inside it.

His second tattoo was of logo tattooed on his arm with "mom & dad" just above it.

He also has blasphemy and Front Poop tatts on his hand. On his chest is a part lyrics of a romantic song of his wife, Juliet Simms.

The lyrics read, "Photography each day so we can live forever." Apart from that, the singer also has another tattoo on his hand, "Dragonfly" which is for his girlfriend turned wife, Juliet Simms.

The only members of Black Veil Brides that are in a relationship are Jinxx, Andy Biersack and Jake Pitts Andy Biersack is dating Juliet Simms (Singer in Automatic Loveletter), Jinxx is married to Sammi Doll and Jake Pitts is dating ELLA Cole No, Andy is not.

=) He might be single or have a girlfriend, no clue but for what i know since 2010 is that Biersack is not.

At the end of 2009, Black Veil Brides signed a recording deal with Stand By Records and their first music video Knives and Pens was also released the same year.